Monday, April 5, 2010

Where Candy Comes From...

Yesterday all J could talk about was "Nanny", no we haven't gotten him a nanny but he does love candy and yesterday he discovered that there was a plethora of it, EVERYWHERE! (He has been looking for it today but so far he has only found one lonely piece, and Mommy took that one away from him.)

Now, I must admit that we have not told J anything about the Easter Bunny, I just don't know how to start that kind of conversation. But J has previously discovered random eggs filled with Candy, and so he was prepared for the Easter Egg Hunt at the Turner house yesterday.

Here is how it all went down. First, J waited patiently with this other little cousins for the blessed moment when the front door would open and they would be allowed to go hunt for eggs. Fortunately for the little kids they didn't have to wait too long because the Adults got tired of waiting and opened the door before all the eggs were hidden.
Little J has a tendency to run as fast and as far as he can when he is outside, so I got to hold his hand and guide him on his hunt.
He found TONS of eggs, he would have preferred to open each one as he found them but his mean mother made him put them into his basket, luckily he eventually found one that was already opened and he took a few minutes to scour the ground looking for random jelly beans.
After the hunt was over a picture of the participants was taken, as you can see these are all well trained kids, "Show your baskets, Smile for the camera" all except for J, who could care less that a picture was being taken, there was candy in those eggs after all.
So that was the big egg hunt. All in all we had a pretty good Easter, we enjoyed the last few sessions of General Conference. We had yummy food and as much candy as we could steal form the kids. Little J had tons of candy! He was in heaven.

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Kristen said...

I don't think he needs to be told about the Easter Bunny. He'll pick it up by next year and be a natural. =o) Easter can be just as fun as Christmas for the parents.

(Unless you choose to be a humbug and that works too.) Happy Easter! It was fun to see YOU too. Keep that baby cookin'.