Thursday, July 4, 2013

The DENTIST!!!!!

 A little over 2 years ago, J had his first visit to the dentist. At that time the hygienist explained to me that the first visit to the dentist was really "just a ride in the chair" in the hopes that the child would see that it wasn't scary and then the next time they came back they could have a full dental check up. WELL, J surprised everyone by WANTING a full check up that first time. B on the other hand......did not. 

Our appointments were scheduled for 4 and 5 pm, so I told J that we would go to the dentist after B woke up from his nap. J LOVES the dentist and so he wanted to wake his brother up! When B did wake up J said  "Brother! It's time to go to the DENTIST!!!!" and B immediately ran to my bedroom, climbed up onto my bed and got under the covers. When I went to get him, he said "No dentist! Dentist is SCARY!!!!!" We brought his blanket to help him not be scared, but it didn't really work. 

When it was B's turn, he wouldn't even sit in the chair, so Ken sat with him. He didn't want to do much more than look at the tools the hygienist showed him, I think he may have shown her his teeth....but that's about it. My Poor little B, I hope we can get him excited about the dentist before our next visit in January.

The Beginning of June; Camping, Soccer and a Race-

 The second weekend in June was big for us. It was the Fathers and Sons camp out, J's first soccer game of the year and my 1/2 Marathon. Since the boys were off camping I tried to go to bed early. I had to be on a bus the the next morning by 4:30.......on the other hand......the boys just "pretended" to go to sleep.

You can see how peacefully they are sleeping, how tightly their eyes are shut. Sleeping or not- those were happy, happy boys, and as much as Ken dislikes camping, he has vowed that he will take the boys on these camp outs......and I have vowed that I will do whatever it takes to help Ken be comfortable and sleep more than 2 hours while he is camping- so don't be surprised if next year our tent is big enough to hold a super nice air mattress for my super nice husband.
 Ken learned something about our children- if they are hungry enough......they will stand in line on their own and get food rather than wait for their dad to make a plate for them. I'm pretty sure J helped himself to more bacon than his father would have given him....and as you can see, B picked up some bacon too :)
 They found some water! Too bad we don't know how to fish.
 Looks like a bunch of 5 year old kids playing soccer, right? J is lucky this year, there are a couple of kids on his team this year who actually know how to kick a ball towards and INTO the goal! J enjoys being on a winning team, even if he mostly just cheers and gives moral support. He has kicked the ball a few times.
 At one point near the end of the first game we told J that he could go play goal keeper. I've never really played soccer and so I explained to him as best I could that he should do his best to keep the ball out of the goal.....and he could even lay down if he needed to use his body to stop the ball. He ran right over to the goal area and laid down in front of it.  
 That morning I ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon. I had a sign on my back that said "Baby on Board" and this elicited some cheers for me and shouts of things like "Yay for BABIES!!!!" My official time for the 13.1 mile race was around 2:58 minutes. There was a pretty big mix up with the planning of the race course and there were NO PORT-A-POTTIES! When I finished the race my GPS watch said that I had actually run almost 13.5 miles- at one point I ran off the course and down a hill (I'm guessing that added about a 1/3rd of a mile) to use a restroom at a park. The race was actually run on the Highway in Provo Canyon and then down University Avenue in Provo- I had to run across the part of the Highway that was open to traffic to get to another restroom (don't worry- I waited until there were no cars coming) and then for my final potty stop I noticed that the Curves location on University Ave had it's door wide open- I thought to myself  "That's a place for women to exercise....they have GOT to have a restroom and I bet they would let me use it, so I figured out how to get there (which was kind of hard because there was a little man made ravine between the little strip mall it was in and the road the race was on) but I made it there and they even wished me luck as I ran out of their gym back to the race course. I figure that having to leave the racecourse to find potties is what added the extra 0.4 miles to my run and it probably added about 20 minutes of time as well. All in all, even with the extra time used up locating bathrooms, I finished right around the time I figured (and hoped) I would. It was great........and I will never run a 1/2 marathon again while I'm pregnant. :)