Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

One of these things is not like the others, but all of these things very much belong !
Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a Major Award! Part 2....

Today the doorbell rang, and when I opened the door I found this!
Here is picture showing how big the box is compared to J- He is one cute kid isn't he.
And here is a picture showing how big the box is compared to Baby B- only we are all kind of blocking the box, so it really doesn't work, but Baby B is pretty cute so I figured I would still use the picture.
And here it is, My Major Award! Don't you Love J's super big smile?

And here is the run down of what we got-
Teething supplies- Top from the left, a figure 8 teething toy, an Elephant teething toy, a Teething ball and a fresh food feeder (I put ice-cubes in these and use them for teething soothers). Bottom, A foot Chew toy and a Teething Blanket- it has plastic corners.
Bath Supplies- Clockwise from the top- a basketball ducky, a fireman duck tub faucet cover, a soft "Bath Critter" (its made out of terry cloth and floats and talks), 4 turtle toys, a blow up ducky tub and a bag full of sea animal bath toys.
Feeding supplies- Clockwise from the top, 2- count them- 2 formula dispensers, (I have one that I have LOVED and I was thinking of getting another to put the rice cereal for the babies bottles into- now I don't have to- WoooHooo), 3 glass bottles, 10 spoons, 1 bottle brush and a bottle accessory dishwasher basket.
Sippy Cups- 3 soft top, 2 straw tops and a pack of 4 hard tops.
Odds and ends- an insulated expandable bag, a medication feeder, an "ABC" Flashcards book and a little laundry bag set.
Did I mention that Ken asked if I wanted to wait until Christmas to open the box? As you can see, I said NO! This is really not a Major Award, but it is a big blessing. We received several items that I feel we needed and had intended to purchase, we also received fun things and things that will come in very handy in the future. I feel very blessed. Ken thinks I should keep entering contests, I think I will.

And We've had Fun, Fun, Fun....

On Monday I made some cute Snowmen (I think I ended up making 24 of them, I am now addicted to salt dough! Not eating it, but making it, baking it and painting it) J tried to eat the "No Man Cookies" he discovered that when salt dough ornaments hit your teeth- it really hurts.
Then Baby b discovered that Green Beans are not really all that bad!
After all the fun with Salt Dough and Green Beans we went up to visit Great Grandma Turner, and her sweet kids Debbie and Jeff. Isn't my Grandma BEAUTIFUL!
Debbie played the piano, Cousin Alecia played the Cello and I sang. Grandma Loved it! Aunt Debbie also gave the babies lots of hugs and kisses.

I worked all day on Tuesday. Sorry, no pictures, it is a BIG NO NO to take pictures in a Medical Records Department.

Yesterday I made Baby B a blanket! I hope he loves it as much as J loves his "ditda". It is creamy colored with creamy silky blanket binding on the short edges, and it has a cute little fuzzy lion on one corner.
And check out what Baby B is doing right now! That is right, he is napping in his crib! I love that boy. On Monday he took a 3 hour morning nap in his crib, I am hoping for something similar today. He is getting so big. I was SURE that he was going to roll over today, but he didn't. Apparently he was just practicing getting onto his side.
So that is the Fun we have been having the past few days. Christmas is coming soon! I am so excited. Pictures of that will come soon!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a Major Award!

Do you have children? Do you use Munchkin Products? I do and I do, and so I became friends with Munchkin, inc. on facebook. They had a contest called "That Stinks" (because the contest was held to help launch their new diaper pail- which doesn't stink) and they wanted people to share their funny stories about parenting. I shared about Jared LOVING all things to do with feminine hygiene and how we discovered him at the Office Supply store wearing pantie liners on his arms....And I didn't win the contest. I just got Runner UP!

See- here is the announcement.

We're pleased to share the grand prize winner from our recent contest! The story that made us say "That Stinks!" was Jennifer Stein who will receive housecleaning for a year, because housecleaning stinks but the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin doesn’t! We’re giving away Munchkin Gift Baskets ($100 value) to the runners up…congratulations Heather Henderson and Kate Wheeler.Stay tuned for another big contest soon!

I love you Munchkin! When I get my Gift Basket I will take a picture and post it for all to see!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He has Rolls, be he doesn't Roll!

This is what my Sweet B looked like 4 months ago.
This is what he looked like just today (well, truthfully, yesterday when I started this post-he had just woken up from cozy 2 hour nap in his car-seat. He won't sleep that long in his crib- haven't figured out why). As you can see he has grown quite a bit!
Our Sweet baby B is now 4 months old- last Friday I took him to the doctor. The doctor took one look at him and said "Well, he is a healthy little eater, isn't he? I am not worried about him one bit"
Here are his stats-

Weight- 17 pounds 6 oz 91st% ( J was 15 pounds 9 oz and something like the 67%)
Height- 26.5 inches 94th% (beating his brother out by 1/2 and inch 5%)
Head Circumference- 16.75 inches (around 42.5 cm) 58%

I was AMAZED when they told me his weight, the height sounded about right for my boys. I will say that I was quite impressed that even though he was born 3 weeks early and weighed a pound less and was an inch shorter than J, he has now passed his brother. He is destined to be Tall and Handsome.

Some facts about Baby B-
First, other than the fact that he is very willing to share his smiles, he is pretty much NOTHING like his big brother. This both delights and confuses his mother. J rolled at 3 and 1/2 months, B sometimes will make it up onto his side but really doesn't care to move around to much. He is much more interested in talking. If you get the chance, sit this kid on your lap and just start talking to him, he will respond, ask questions, he will even let you know when the things that you are talking about inspire and delight him. He is WONDERFUL at laughing and he is an amazing thief- he steals hearts right and left with his charming smiles.
From the picture above, you might think that he likes tummy time. He doesn't, he hates it, he tolerates it for a few minutes and then rubs his face on the ground. I asked the doctor about the rolling thing, he said not to worry about it (I am pretty sure J was just weird for being so mobile so early) I admitted to the doctor that baby B doesn't really spend to much time on the floor because of the "Big Bad Wolf"....I mean the Big Brother who ADORES him to the point that I fear for my babies life at times. To my surprise I was not told "Put that baby down, don't let him get too accustomed to being held, blah blah blah blah" Safety is a good thing I guess.

Baby B LOVES his food, even more so now that he drinks "Thickened" formula. Ken and I noticed that the baby had recently started burping up a lot more, the doc said it sounded pretty much like reflux and that the easiest way to fix it would be to thicken his formula with rice cereal. As luck would have it, the doctor had already given the go ahead to start the baby on solids (since he is as big as most 6 month olds I assume). It works, apparently the stomach is much less likely to let thick foods come back up. Who Knew? Yesterday he tried cereal on a spoon, he didn't really like it too much that way- but in a bottle- HEAVEN!

That is our Baby Sweet Baby B. We love him and we are pretty sure he loves us too!