Thursday, December 23, 2010

And We've had Fun, Fun, Fun....

On Monday I made some cute Snowmen (I think I ended up making 24 of them, I am now addicted to salt dough! Not eating it, but making it, baking it and painting it) J tried to eat the "No Man Cookies" he discovered that when salt dough ornaments hit your teeth- it really hurts.
Then Baby b discovered that Green Beans are not really all that bad!
After all the fun with Salt Dough and Green Beans we went up to visit Great Grandma Turner, and her sweet kids Debbie and Jeff. Isn't my Grandma BEAUTIFUL!
Debbie played the piano, Cousin Alecia played the Cello and I sang. Grandma Loved it! Aunt Debbie also gave the babies lots of hugs and kisses.

I worked all day on Tuesday. Sorry, no pictures, it is a BIG NO NO to take pictures in a Medical Records Department.

Yesterday I made Baby B a blanket! I hope he loves it as much as J loves his "ditda". It is creamy colored with creamy silky blanket binding on the short edges, and it has a cute little fuzzy lion on one corner.
And check out what Baby B is doing right now! That is right, he is napping in his crib! I love that boy. On Monday he took a 3 hour morning nap in his crib, I am hoping for something similar today. He is getting so big. I was SURE that he was going to roll over today, but he didn't. Apparently he was just practicing getting onto his side.
So that is the Fun we have been having the past few days. Christmas is coming soon! I am so excited. Pictures of that will come soon!

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