Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summertime, and the livin' is easy!

Yep, it's a photo dump :) We've been having fun and you should see!

We've spent time with cousins.
 And then saw even more cousins.
 We discovered that sometimes being on our tummies isn't the worst thing in the world......sometimes.
 Some of us discovered that water is really fun to play with.
 Others discovered that they hate water.....with a passion.
 We found Gandalf!
 We found Rainbows!
 We found cuteness :)
 We found new friends! Joanne and Annie are our exchange students from Taiwan.
 We've had beautiful weather.
 We had fun on the super swing, or just watching the super swing.
 We fed apricots to Horses.
We rode on a Ferris Wheel.
 We SHARED without anyone crying or dying! It was awesome.
 We found even more cuteness!
 We climbed walls
 We learned to fly.
We flew some more
 We played in the biggest play structure we've ever seen.
 We discovered Teeter Totters.
 We got a new watch! 
 We went to space!
 We discovered that you don't have to wear your helmet when you are inside the spaceship.
 We played hard and we slept hard.......wherever we happened to be.
 We discovered that watching the sunrise while we run is actually quite fabulous.
 We decided that we are big enough to feed ourselves. Who needs spoons?!?!? That's what hands are for, right?

This summer has been amazing.

J has been participating in a reading program that the city sponsors at the town literacy center, I am really glad that I signed him up for it, I think he has done great this summer, and I'm scared about this BUT he is ready to start the FIRST GRADE in FOUR WEEKS!!!!!AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

B has been enjoying having his brother around all day, they play outside a lot. In 2 weeks B will turn 4 years old. I can't believe my tiny baby will soon be 4, I also can't believe that he's pretty much the same size as the 5 year old kids in the neighborhood. B will be attending a local preschool this year, as well as participating in an online preschool program that the state offers. One more year and my little baby boy will be a kindergartner.

E is growing, growing, growing. She still hasn't gotten her upper two front teeth, they've been threatening to break through for months now, but that's all they ever do, threaten. Last week E learned to roll. She still is able to sleep 12 hours straight at night, then eat and return to sleep fro 1-3 hours. She is the most awesome sleeper I've ever met. I can not express how much I love this girl!

Really, I can't express how much I love all those sweet babies or mine, and their dad too! I am blessed.