Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I don't think my links worked-

Hopefully they will work this time.

Look what I did!

I had a few wants. I also had a sewing machine. And magically, Fabric went on SALE! So a few weeks ago I went to the fabric store, knowing full well that I might purchase fabric and then never make the wanted has happened fact there are two unfinished, well never started, blankets downstairs right now. But wait! I did start these projects, yesterday in fact. And Today, I finished them. I am very proud. And being proud I want to show you.

Here is my Car Seat Cover. I got the idea from a friend (thanks Shanna) who made one for her new baby, and blogged about it. Thankfully she included the link where she found the pattern and instructions, I will now try to do the same. Buzz About Baby is the blog it was on. It was actually pretty simple to make, but it looks really cute. Little J really likes it.
The straps were the hardest part for me, because I had to do them at just the right angle, but anyone with a normal car seat wouldn't have that problem. The polka dot fabric is what I used for the underside of the cover.
See how happy Nanners the Monkey is? He really thinks that Butterball is going to like this cover.
My next project was a sling carrier. I wanted one of these and had priced them at the store- they run $30-$60 and recently some were recalled. But I still wanted one. I have another friend (Michelle) who had one that she had made, she told me that she too had found instructions on the Internet, so I did a search and sure enough, pretty detailed instructions. I used a free pattern from Handmade Adelaide Baby. I was a little worried about the French Felled Seam, but I didn't need to be. I think it turned out great.
(This is what I look like after 3 hours of SEWING FUN) hahaha, but look how good the sling works, it can cradle infants on up topping out at children around 35 or 40 pounds. I let J inaugurate the sling, and truthfully it really wasn't bad.
So there you go, a glimpse into my creative side, i.e. I can be creative as long as someone else wrote up some good instructions. :) Now lets see if I can make sweet little Butterball a blanket before he arrives. Oh, and I almost forgot- all the fabric for both projects- $15!

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Big Boy!

On Wednesday Little J did two things that he has never done before. In the morning he climbed out of his crib, I thought someone was pounding on the front door, and as I passed J's door I realized quickly that the pounding was coming from his door. I was very surprised, I hadn't heard a "Thump" or the scream I expected to hear the first time he climbed out of his crib, I assume that means he didn't fall out, but rather, that he planned his escape so well that he had no injuries at all.

J has been napping in his Toddler bed for a few weeks now. The intent was to get him used to the toddler bed and then start offering for him the choice of either the crib and toddler bed at night. I had not planned on offering the toddler bed at night for another week or more, but since he had proved he was able to climb out of the crib I thought that maybe he was ready for the choice. So on Wednesday night I asked him where he wanted to sleep. Hands down, no contest, he chose his toddler bed. I was a little scared of what would happen next. I guess I shouldn't have been. He went to bed quite easily, and slept all night. He did wake up a little earlier than normal, 6:15 rather than 7, and because of his new freedom he began knocking on his bedroom door. I bemoaned the loss of my free hour between 6:30 and 7:30, but I may have moaned too early.

Last night he once again slept in his toddler bed, this time he had a harder time getting to sleep (this was my fault, I was having a party and J LOVES to party). But once he was fully asleep he once again slept all night. He called out once for Daddy at 7:15, and then once for Mommy at 7:30 but other than that he made no noises, no movements at all so I let him stay in his room, I checked on him just before 8 A.M. and he was still asleep! Wonder of Wonders! Miracle of Miracles! It has been a long time since he slept until 8! Can you tell how happy I am? Here is a picture of what he looked like this morning.
Now I have to tell you, my little J may be a physical clone of his Daddy, but as far as sleep habits go, he is my clone. Notice the blanket on his head? I do that too. Blankets, Pillows, anything that will keep the light out of my eyes (and the sounds around the house out of my ears) and allow me to sleep just a little longer is a blessing, who cares if I look a little funny. I don't think J looks funny, I think he looks adorable. My sweet baby boy is growing up.

I am going to give him about two weeks with the choice of crib or toddler bed at night and then I am going to move the cribs mattress position up and start calling it "the Baby's Bed" or "Little Brother's Bed" and hopefully in those few weeks before the baby actually starts sleeping in the crib little J will forget that he ever slept there. A Mom can dream, right?

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Trip to California- by Little J

Well, I guess I should start by telling you that I hate Northern Nevada! I cannot believe that my Parents made me spend so many hours driving through it. Seriously, couldn't you guys have driven any faster! I was trying to tell you that I didn't want to be there, but no, you just kept driving and driving through that Desert!

Finally, we got to California, and may I say, it is BEAUTIFUL, the trees, the mountains, it was all so much easier on the eyes than Northern Nevada had been. I am pleased also tell you that my Mommy only had to make a few stops and so our drive only took 11 hours! It would have taken even less time if Mommy hadn't forgotten about the California Border Stop. We got searched, because Mommy was honest and told them we were smuggling fruit into California. Luckily they only confiscated half of our oranges and let us keep all the rest of our fruit. That was Friday.

Now for my picture essay. Once we got to Rocklin, Dad did what Dad does best! He played! See this great marble tower he built with one of my cousins!
My Cousins are great hosts, they prepared this picnic in my honor!
After my picnic was over Mom and Dad made me get back in the car. Luckily they stayed in California and only drove for 2 & 1/2 hours. When we got out of the car they told me we were at Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler's house. Grandpa Wheeler held me as I drank my bedtime sippy and then, Saturday was over.
The next day, after church we went to the park and had a picnic with some of Daddy's friends. I found this great Dora helmet and scooter. People in California are nice and let you use there stuff! I look good in Pink don't you think?
On Monday Morning I became a Vampire! Well, not really I just stole a glass of strawberry punch from my mommy and it stained my face.
Then we all piled back in to the car, well two cars, a boy car and a girl car, Grandma and Grandpa were joining us for this part of our trip and so we had to caravan. We were headed to the Cabin, but first we had to stop off and recreate the picture that Aunt Em drew of me and my daddy before I was ever born! Someday we will have to put up a side by side comparison. But let me say this, Em did a very good job.
Then we let Mommy get in the picture too.
After the picture taking was over Mommy had to make yet another pit stop. Luckily there was a visitors center close by. While Mommy was gone I had a nice chat with Jesus.

We piled back into the cars and a few hours later we made it to the Cabin. Grandpa found some toys for me to play with. They were the best toys ever. It is about this time that all my days start to run together, I had so much fun up at the cabin that all the fun just mixes up in my head and I don't remember exactly when it happened.
Daddy finally gave in, and after 5 years, Mommy got to go to Columbia! I got to go too, here is a picture of us in front of an old house.
And this is me showing off. Yeah, I am a pro at using drinking fountains. I only got half my clothes wet this time.
We went on lots of Walks. Here is a picture of my Mommy trying to get me to hold her hand. I was more interested in staying hydrated.
Mommy took this picture of a blossom on a Dog Wood Tree.
I got tired of walking so I used my second favorite mode of transportation, Dad-mobile. He is pretty easy to steer when you get a good Vulcan Mind Meld going.
Then Mom saw this tree and thought it was pretty.
I slid down the biggest slide EVER at the park by the cabin.
Then I got to visit the Lake.
On Friday we left the Cabin and headed to El Dorado Hills to see more cousins. By this point in our trip I had Mom pretty well trained, if I screamed, she passed me treats. She looked back at me at one point and thought what she saw was so funny that she had to take a picture. I just thought it was good time management. If you can't tell, I am asleep, yet still contemplating my treats.
Once we got to El Dorado Hills I needed some time on my own. Uncle Scott was kind enough to let me borrow his car.
Later in the day I helped my cousins burn their old homework assignments.
And the Highlight of the trip! Dad's New House Keys!
Then on Saturday, we drove back through Northern Nevada, this time both Mommy and I cried. Poor Dad. Luckily Mommy eventually fell asleep and Dad figured out a way to entertain me and drive at the same time. I have one Smart Dad!

When we got home the House was really Hot! Mom and Dad thought they needed to replace the Thermostat. It took them 2 or 3 days to figure out that I had turned off the heating and cooling system before we left on our trip. Mom said Dad was her Hero when he got the Air Conditioner to come on.