Friday, June 18, 2010

My Big Boy!

On Wednesday Little J did two things that he has never done before. In the morning he climbed out of his crib, I thought someone was pounding on the front door, and as I passed J's door I realized quickly that the pounding was coming from his door. I was very surprised, I hadn't heard a "Thump" or the scream I expected to hear the first time he climbed out of his crib, I assume that means he didn't fall out, but rather, that he planned his escape so well that he had no injuries at all.

J has been napping in his Toddler bed for a few weeks now. The intent was to get him used to the toddler bed and then start offering for him the choice of either the crib and toddler bed at night. I had not planned on offering the toddler bed at night for another week or more, but since he had proved he was able to climb out of the crib I thought that maybe he was ready for the choice. So on Wednesday night I asked him where he wanted to sleep. Hands down, no contest, he chose his toddler bed. I was a little scared of what would happen next. I guess I shouldn't have been. He went to bed quite easily, and slept all night. He did wake up a little earlier than normal, 6:15 rather than 7, and because of his new freedom he began knocking on his bedroom door. I bemoaned the loss of my free hour between 6:30 and 7:30, but I may have moaned too early.

Last night he once again slept in his toddler bed, this time he had a harder time getting to sleep (this was my fault, I was having a party and J LOVES to party). But once he was fully asleep he once again slept all night. He called out once for Daddy at 7:15, and then once for Mommy at 7:30 but other than that he made no noises, no movements at all so I let him stay in his room, I checked on him just before 8 A.M. and he was still asleep! Wonder of Wonders! Miracle of Miracles! It has been a long time since he slept until 8! Can you tell how happy I am? Here is a picture of what he looked like this morning.
Now I have to tell you, my little J may be a physical clone of his Daddy, but as far as sleep habits go, he is my clone. Notice the blanket on his head? I do that too. Blankets, Pillows, anything that will keep the light out of my eyes (and the sounds around the house out of my ears) and allow me to sleep just a little longer is a blessing, who cares if I look a little funny. I don't think J looks funny, I think he looks adorable. My sweet baby boy is growing up.

I am going to give him about two weeks with the choice of crib or toddler bed at night and then I am going to move the cribs mattress position up and start calling it "the Baby's Bed" or "Little Brother's Bed" and hopefully in those few weeks before the baby actually starts sleeping in the crib little J will forget that he ever slept there. A Mom can dream, right?


Kristen said...

Just a little pointer - and you can delete this if you want. I'd recommend NOT giving him the choice anymore. Now that he chose the big bed, it's his. The crib is for baby as of now. My daughter loved her bed for about a week and then wanted the crib again, and we just couldnt take that road. We kindly explained that it's the baby's now. If your little guy gets in the habit of being able to choose, that could backfire. Just a thought. You're the mama. =o)

(I love the blanket on his head too!)

Michelle said...

I can't sleep with any light either. I have a thing to put over my eyes on the long days of summer. :) Well, it is a small price to pay for this wonderful season!