Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Look what I did!

I had a few wants. I also had a sewing machine. And magically, Fabric went on SALE! So a few weeks ago I went to the fabric store, knowing full well that I might purchase fabric and then never make the wanted has happened fact there are two unfinished, well never started, blankets downstairs right now. But wait! I did start these projects, yesterday in fact. And Today, I finished them. I am very proud. And being proud I want to show you.

Here is my Car Seat Cover. I got the idea from a friend (thanks Shanna) who made one for her new baby, and blogged about it. Thankfully she included the link where she found the pattern and instructions, I will now try to do the same. Buzz About Baby is the blog it was on. It was actually pretty simple to make, but it looks really cute. Little J really likes it.
The straps were the hardest part for me, because I had to do them at just the right angle, but anyone with a normal car seat wouldn't have that problem. The polka dot fabric is what I used for the underside of the cover.
See how happy Nanners the Monkey is? He really thinks that Butterball is going to like this cover.
My next project was a sling carrier. I wanted one of these and had priced them at the store- they run $30-$60 and recently some were recalled. But I still wanted one. I have another friend (Michelle) who had one that she had made, she told me that she too had found instructions on the Internet, so I did a search and sure enough, pretty detailed instructions. I used a free pattern from Handmade Adelaide Baby. I was a little worried about the French Felled Seam, but I didn't need to be. I think it turned out great.
(This is what I look like after 3 hours of SEWING FUN) hahaha, but look how good the sling works, it can cradle infants on up topping out at children around 35 or 40 pounds. I let J inaugurate the sling, and truthfully it really wasn't bad.
So there you go, a glimpse into my creative side, i.e. I can be creative as long as someone else wrote up some good instructions. :) Now lets see if I can make sweet little Butterball a blanket before he arrives. Oh, and I almost forgot- all the fabric for both projects- $15!


Kristen said...

Oh good job, and now I can copy YOU someday! It turned out really cute. You're getting closer!

angee said...

Great job!!!

And I love your pregnant belly.

Holloway bunch said...

Kate, you are my hero! I know without a doubt I could never in a million years be that successful at making such wonderfully cute baby stuff! I would just say "mom, can you help me make some baby things?", then buy the material and stand by watching while she sews it for me! (I've done it before!) Good work. And if the "butterball" looks anything like your son, then it definitely will be cute!