Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X!

Last Thursday the whole family went down to the Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience. When we go out into large crowds we dress alike- mostly so if one of the boys goes missing we can hold up the other one and say "He's dressed like this!" We decided to wear Giants apparel to Fan X and I knew we had a shirt that was just E's size, so I went through a box of baby boy clothes and TaaaaaaDAAAAA! She's adorable :)
 She's pretty much the perfect accessory 
 We had tickets, but we showed up right at the same time as the rest of the state.....so we waited an hour to get in, which was fine because while waiting we realized that my wallet and the baby's bottle had both been left in the van, there was plenty of time to fix that little oversight. The boys enjoyed the times that I was wearing the baby because it meant that the stroller was available.
 I will admit, that we've never seen Dr. Who.....but that didn't stop our boys from being intrigued by the Tardis.....that's what this is right?
 Who you gonna call?
 The original Bat-mobile from the movies in the 1960's, you can see how impressed the boys are.
 They were most impressed by this little vehicle.
 Ken was most impressed with this car (which is the Delorean from Back to the Future) until.....
 he saw this Ferrari.
 THEN........we found the Lego displays......and we spent lots and lots and lots of time there.
Here is a castle. ( I don't know what castle it is)
 Helms Deep!
 The Black Tower
 A city! (and look there's Bat Man)

 A scene from Ghostbusters
 Superman stopping a train! There is a damsel in distressed tied to the tracks....just out of frame.
 The Delorean being pushed by the train, from Back to the Future 3
 Happy Happy boys, they watched a few working electric Lego trains going around and around and around.....for about a half an hour. I eventually just went and got a chair.........
 ........and the baby fell asleep
 Sorry, I thought I turned this the right way and I can't fix it now. BUT Aunt Deb and Uncle Jeff were volunteers and FanX.
 By the end of the day, the baby was a little overwhelmed.
 Back at the Lego table- A Hover Carrier from the Avengers Movie
 Star Wars!
 Iron Man!
 On Wednesday I reminded the boys that we were going to spend the Thursday afternoon at FanX, they were not really excited (and why should they have been, at the time they didn't know there would be a Lego table) Jared reminded me that Thursday night was his schools Art and Math night. He really really really really really wanted us to go and see his art. PLUS they were serving PIZZA for free. SO, we made sure that we were able to attend. J was very excited to show us this art piece he made- it's a Bee!

Porters Place

A year or so ago Ken and I went to dinner at a local restaurant called Porters Place. When you walk in they have a lunch counter with Tractor Seat chairs. When we saw those we knew that we needed to bring the boys down there for a treat. And last Friday we did. Have you ever had an Iron Port? It's one of the first soda flavors EVER and I like it, if you want to try it, you can get one at Porters Place.

I tried to get an artistic shot of us- you can kind of see us all, Ken, Baby E, J, B and me. And you can also so a portrait of Portrait of Porter Rockwell.

We ate dinner at the lunch counter and then we moved to a table and shared a 3 scoop Ice Cream Sundae.....it was DELICIOUS!

Welcome Back

Look who's all grown up! That's right she's 5 months old. 

So, It's been a couple of months, I wish I could say I've been busy. I guess in my own way I have been. I've been busy snuggling with my kids and feeding the baby and trying to decide what's important for me to do. I guess sweeping the floor a couple of times, running many many miles and doing an unknown amount of laundry (it's seriously up to like 8-10 loads a week) took precedence over updating the blog. Throw in most of us getting sick with something or the other, my Grandma Turner passing away, a trip to Puerto Rico, the computer crashing and COMPLETELY frying the hard drive and a Baby Blessing......I guess I have been busy. 

So lets just start with this last weekend and I will try to work backwards from there.....and move forwards at the same time, don't worry, I can do it! I can do hard things!

We went to an Easter Egg hunt at my parents house on Saturday. This is B and his 2 cousins who are under the age of 5, plus a friend who was visiting. The kids were allowed to hunt by age- 5 and under, 8 and under and over 8......the over 8 crowed didn't get too many eggs. 
The boys got their spring/summer haircuts, so for the next few months you may be under the impression that B is bald, he is not.......his hair is just the exact same color as his scalp. Got to love that boy.
 Baby E got into the action, not by collecting eggs but by looking adorable in a little dress that her Aunt Carrie wore many, many, many years ago. Baby E wants to sit up so bad, but she's not quite there yet. 

The boys are very good egg hunters!
 We had a fabulous Easter Sunday. Ken sang with a Men's Choir at our church service. Little B gave his very first talk in children's Primary, it was about Families, and my sister Abby and I sang at my Parents church. Baby E came with me when I sang and the boys and Ken spent the afternoon together at home before joining us at the Turners for dinner. Apparently the boys had a little Egg Picnic. 
It was a fabulous Easter weekend. I realized after the fact that I didn't make any Easter Baskets and we didn't take a picture with all of us dressed nicely. I was a little worried about that. But then I thought about what we did do for Easter. We talked a lot about our Savior, Jesus Christ. In fact- on Saturday I asked the boys "Is the Easter Bunny real?" and they quickly chimed in "No!" and so I asked, "Who is important on Easter?" and they, in their 6 and 3 year old excitement about life screamed "Jesus!!!!" and I asked why and they told me that we have Easter because Jesus died and then was resurrected. When I thought about that I decided that I hadn't let my children down at all by not presenting them with a basket full of candy, we've given them more than candy and a celebration of spring, we've helped them find the foundations of their Testimony, they know about and love Jesus Christ and they are grateful that he was resurrected! YAY for Easter!