Monday, August 1, 2016


What a Summer we've been having. The weekend before Memorial Day we moved out of our house in Lehi. We put it on the market the next week and it was under-contract the very next day, the sale was final at the beginning of July. We currently own no home. But we are lucky to be able to have a nice, safe and happy place to live while we wait. Grandma and Grandpa Turner have been so amazingly welcoming. 

As I said, we CURRENTLY own no home, but in a couple of weeks we'll have a home again. We found a Home in South Jordan that we are excited to be able to purchase. It's been an interesting process, but things have actually gone really well, we feel like this is exactly where we need to be. The elementary school that serves our new neighborhood is a Year Round School, and since we were under-contract on the new house, we were able to register the boys and they started school last week. 

See how excited J was for the 1st day of school!
 B has adjusted to 1st grade and going to school ALL DAY really well. 
 And E has been thoroughly enjoying being my BABY- In fact she has decided she is a baby again and can often be heard saying "Goo-goo, Ga-ga" and asking to be swaddled. She is also enjoying hanging out with Cousin E who comes to Grandma's house twice a week.
I'm starting to get really excited about the new house! My Mom and I were at the DI last week and we saw this Settee Bench. It was $15. It needs some more fluff in it's cushion but that's a project I'm willing to take on. This will go in our Front Room :) possibly right in our bay window. The kids love it- they've told me they each want one of their own- because yeah- they're prefect for lounging :)