Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday Week 2013 Part 1

We have Sunday dinner at my parents house every week, and when there are birthdays, we celebrate!
Ken got this beautiful "Ute" car window sticker from my sister and brother in law :) They know him so well.

 I made a Fabulous Dinosaur cake- it was lime flavored, the kids were more excited to eat the decorations- spots made of thin mints, m & m's and chocolate chips and spines made from Hershey's kisses.
On Sunday we were showered with perfect gifts- I've been enjoying my new running clothes all week :) and J has been fixing everything around our house with his new, WORKING, drill/power screwdriver, as well as playing a perfect pirate. Pirate pictures will come in the next post.

 Two days later it was my birthday and Ken bought me new shoes! (He got some new shoes as well, but I think mine are cuter)

The boys saw me taking a picture of my feet and so they thought they should also take pictures of their feet. Aren't B's feet cute? I think they are.
Our Birthdays were fabulous- we celebrated for  more than a week. The Brick Oven- a local pizza restaurant- offers free meals to 3-12 year old kids, so we went out to dinner with my Parents and my Sister and her family- one of my Sisters daughters and J share the same birthday, my niece is a year older than J. Ken took me out to dinner on my birthday and then later in the week we went to Baskin Robins to get our free birthday cones. It's pretty safe to say that I haven't lost any weight in the past 2 weeks. Apparently we eat when we celebrate, and we are really good at celebrating

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New (to us) Bed for our Birthdays

A few months ago I told Ken that I wanted a bed- a head board/ foot board combo type of bed. I've always been partial to sleigh beds. We went shopping and found a couple of options but we never bought anything and getting a bed got pushed to the back burner. 

Then earlier this week I happened to see a post on a local yard sale site that announced the sale of a sleigh bed for $100, considering the other beds we had been looking at were $500-$800 dollars I hoped that Ken would feel like this was a good. I was the first person to express interest in the bed, I was able to get a couple of pictures of it and after just a couple of minutes of explaining to Ken that I found a bed and it was only $100......he said it was a good deal and agreed that we should get it. 

So on Thursday we borrowed my Dad's truck and went to pick up our new bed. I've been a little tired this week (there is something about Daylight Savings Time that KILLS me) and so I wasn't quite ready to set up the bed yet and it sat in our front room in pieces for a little over a day. But today- We put it together! Ken and I are a pretty good team and this time J even helped out.

 I just couldn't help myself, it's my beautiful bed!

The completely finished product, J loves it. He especially loves that he can crawl under it much more easily than he could with the old bed frame. J got stuck under our bed a few weeks ago- the old bed frame was not only just plain not tall enough for him to fit all the way through, but his clothes got stuck on one of the middle bars. He was not a happy boy that day. Today on the other hand, he climbed through easily and when he popped out the other side he said "This is my NEW TIME TUNNEL!!!!" 

Oh, and I forgot to mention, when we picked the bed up I was telling Ken how happy I was that we were able to find such a nice, pretty bed for such a good price and Ken said "Happy Birthday!" He gives the best presents.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mommy, Have you ever heard of a Cheese Bag?

Yesterday afternoon J and I had this conversation

"Guess what? I just got some fabric from Grandma, so tomorrow we can make some Bean Bags!"
"Mommy, have you ever heard of a Rice Bag?"
"Yes, we have a few of those."
"Yep, but they are way up high" (I keep them in the cupboard above the microwave, because we use them as heating pads)
After a pause....
"Mommy, Have you ever heard of a SUGAR BAG?!?!?!?!?"
"No. I don't think that's a real thing" (In my mind I'm picturing J sucking on the corner of a fabric bag filled with sugar. I'm pretty sure that's what he was picturing too.)

Fast forward to this morning.
"Okay J, lets all get dressed and then we will go make our Bean Bags!" (yes, it really is that exciting)
"Mommy, have you ever heard of a CHEESE BAG?!?!?!?!?!"
"Um......no. Yeah. No those don't exist"

That's my boy. He usually makes life very fun. Sometimes he gets so frustrated with me that I have to put myself into time out- that happened today too.

I decided that I did want to make bean bags BUT it's beautiful outside today. And so I multitask-ed. I took the boys little table out to our front porch, it was the perfect height for sewing while I sat on the front steps and there is a perfectly placed electrical outlet out there too. So we spent an hour or more outside while I sewed, filled and finished sewing 15 bean bags. Now we are set......to play bean bag games!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Dance

Two steps forward, one step back. Sometimes you spin around wildly, other times you make slow, deliberate movements. That's the dance. That is life. There are probably some people who watch our dances and think "WHAT in the WORLD is this supposed to be?" and there may be others who think that our dances are the most beautiful things they have ever seen. This is what I've been thinking about today. We all have our own story and each of our dances look a little different and hopefully, we all feel that our own dance is beautiful.

Dancing is hard work, it's painful at times but it's also exhilarating. If we focus on the pain or how hard it is, we will probably give up long before we become very good at dancing. But if we enjoy the exhilaration and if we allow ourselves to laugh at our mistakes and missteps we will discover that we are stronger and we can keep moving, keep dancing for as long as we need and want to dance.

As that one song says (sorry I don't know the name, but we've all heard it), I hope you dance! I hope I dance, I want to dance in the rain and in the sunshine. I want to live a full and fulfilling life, and I think I am, even though sometimes I have to just focus on taking two steps forward.

Right now, if you could see my dance, I think you would say "Wow, this dance is about hope!" I have a lot of hope right now. I don't have a ton of energy, and everything in my life and home isn't perfect, but it's good enough for me, it's great for right now. I'm dancing my dance. I'm recognizing tiny blessings, tender mercies and I am doing my best to keep the faith. It feels good.

Here are some of the exhilarating parts of my dance right now. Winter- not so much, I'm not a big fan of winter BUT I'm enjoying running so much that I could care less that it's cold and snowy outside.
And my boys have been making my life super fun lately. Ken is included in "my boys" even though I don't have a picture of any of his recent antics. This is what it B looks like after he enjoys a big plate of spaghetti with meat sauce.
Our J also enjoyed his spaghetti but he uses a fork so he is much less messy after such a yummy meal. BUT he also LOVES to have his picture taken :) so we took it.
More pictures will come soon!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Looks like we missed February.....oops

Just thought I'd let you know, I'm doing okay. Yes, I didn't blog about anything for the entire month of February, but I think that's forgivable and since February and February is kind of a BLAH month.

We had a fabulous Valentines day around here. Ken was in charge of planning it and he did a great job. We went to dinner at a local restaurant called "Porter's Place", they serve a drink there called Ironport- which is a soft drink from the early part of the 20th century, and yes, that's pretty much why we went there. Ken had never tried it. We decided that Ironport tastes like a fruity and slightly peppery root beer. We had other food, but I think the highlight was the Ironport. They have a lunch counter at Porters Place with seats made of old tractor seats. I want take the boys there for an ice cream sundae and let them sit at the counter. I think they would love it- SO- sometime in the future, when this want becomes a reality, you will see some pretty cute pictures of us at Porter's Place. Back to Valentines, after dinner Ken gave me several options of what we could do next. A Movie was on the list but I was tired and pretty sure I would fall asleep, so I chose the "Let's go to Barnes and Nobel and buy Jeff Wheeler's newest book" option. Well, Barnes and Nobel was offering the book online but they didn't have it at the store (are you interested in reading a good book- or MANY GOOD BOOKS- You can buy any and all of Jeff's books on Amazon, check them out here) We've since picked up a copy online. After the book store we headed over to the Mall, WHERE I was a winner, and by winner I mean I remembered I had a gift card to Maurice's YAY I was able to get a cute sweater and some hair flowers there and I found a cute white button up shirt on clearance at Forever XXI. Ken sure knows how to plan a good Valentines date :)

I've been running and I'm right on track to be prepared for the Utah Valley Half Marathon in June. I can pretty easily run 5 or 6 miles and I am really happy with my speed. I've been trying hard to avoid injury and in December and February I actually decided to move a little slower with my training (I decided to stay at a certain distance for a week or two longer rather than moving on and adding distance in my training every week) And I am very pleased with what I've been able to accomplish. I feel good, I feel healthy. I've been trying to watch what I'm eating, more veggies, less sweets AND guess what? I've lost a few pounds too. So yeah, I feel good :) I was going to put a picture of me covered in snow after a run....but I can't find the camera :(

February was also the end of our 3 months of healing after the miscarriage and D&C in November. So, that means we have high hopes for getting (and staying) pregnant. I've been wondering if I'm emotionally strong enough to do this, to try. I've thought, I've prayed, I've searched the internet.....and then prayed some more. I went to the temple yesterday and I can truly say, and I hope I always remember, that I trust God, I trust in his plan, and whatever happens, well, it happens. I have high hopes that happy things will happen, but if they don't it's not because we haven't prepared and most definitely not because we aren't worthy of such blessings. Ken and I have a wonderful little family, we have faith and we have love to give and we hope that we will be able to have more children. But if not, we will be okay, we are blessed with a wonderful life and we will continue to have a wonderful life. That said- any prayers you are willing to offer on our behalf would be greatly appreciated.

So, that's February. We are happy and excited for March! YAY!