Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a Major Award! Part 2....

Today the doorbell rang, and when I opened the door I found this!
Here is picture showing how big the box is compared to J- He is one cute kid isn't he.
And here is a picture showing how big the box is compared to Baby B- only we are all kind of blocking the box, so it really doesn't work, but Baby B is pretty cute so I figured I would still use the picture.
And here it is, My Major Award! Don't you Love J's super big smile?

And here is the run down of what we got-
Teething supplies- Top from the left, a figure 8 teething toy, an Elephant teething toy, a Teething ball and a fresh food feeder (I put ice-cubes in these and use them for teething soothers). Bottom, A foot Chew toy and a Teething Blanket- it has plastic corners.
Bath Supplies- Clockwise from the top- a basketball ducky, a fireman duck tub faucet cover, a soft "Bath Critter" (its made out of terry cloth and floats and talks), 4 turtle toys, a blow up ducky tub and a bag full of sea animal bath toys.
Feeding supplies- Clockwise from the top, 2- count them- 2 formula dispensers, (I have one that I have LOVED and I was thinking of getting another to put the rice cereal for the babies bottles into- now I don't have to- WoooHooo), 3 glass bottles, 10 spoons, 1 bottle brush and a bottle accessory dishwasher basket.
Sippy Cups- 3 soft top, 2 straw tops and a pack of 4 hard tops.
Odds and ends- an insulated expandable bag, a medication feeder, an "ABC" Flashcards book and a little laundry bag set.
Did I mention that Ken asked if I wanted to wait until Christmas to open the box? As you can see, I said NO! This is really not a Major Award, but it is a big blessing. We received several items that I feel we needed and had intended to purchase, we also received fun things and things that will come in very handy in the future. I feel very blessed. Ken thinks I should keep entering contests, I think I will.


Janaca said...

Nice!! Lots of fun and useful things. It's always exciting to win!! My friend has a blog she's always doing giveaways for kids on if you want to check it out. It's

Christy said...

Very cool stash!

Rachel said...

Holy big time score, batman! I think I better start entering some contests... my kids certainly do enough zany things that I've got plenty of material to choose one. Congrats - that's an awesome Christmas blessing!

Susan said...

It's great that you got things you really needed and would help save on buying them. Wow, that's a pretty big stash of goodies if I must say. With a box that size, I doubt I'd have been able to wait til christmas to open it too.