Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a Major Award!

Do you have children? Do you use Munchkin Products? I do and I do, and so I became friends with Munchkin, inc. on facebook. They had a contest called "That Stinks" (because the contest was held to help launch their new diaper pail- which doesn't stink) and they wanted people to share their funny stories about parenting. I shared about Jared LOVING all things to do with feminine hygiene and how we discovered him at the Office Supply store wearing pantie liners on his arms....And I didn't win the contest. I just got Runner UP!

See- here is the announcement.

We're pleased to share the grand prize winner from our recent contest! The story that made us say "That Stinks!" was Jennifer Stein who will receive housecleaning for a year, because housecleaning stinks but the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin doesn’t! We’re giving away Munchkin Gift Baskets ($100 value) to the runners up…congratulations Heather Henderson and Kate Wheeler.Stay tuned for another big contest soon!

I love you Munchkin! When I get my Gift Basket I will take a picture and post it for all to see!


Kristen said...

That's so exciting! I wish you had a picture of this occuring at the store. =o) I'm also curious to know if that diaper pail REALLY doesn't stink after a few good months of being full. Hmm.

~GLAMERCY~ said...

^_^ congrats ^_^