Thursday, April 1, 2010

All for 1 Birthday Party, and 1 Birthday Party for All

In my family we have 3 birthdays in 4 days, if you add in the fact that Little J stole his birthday from his Cousin sweet P, then you would know that at Grandma's house one Sunday last month we had a big party- for all 4 of us. I thought it was pretty nice that the Sunday fell on the one day out of the 4 that it wasn't any ones birthday. Next Year that Sunday- the traditional day for Turner Birthday Parties- will fall on t he 2 kids birthday, that will be nice too.
So here are the Cakes, Ken and Little J got to share a Baseball Cake, it was strawberry and very yummy if I do say so myself. My Sister Carrie made me a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake that was worth dieing for, and I almost did die from the heartburn I had later that night, but as I said, it would have been worth it. (The heartburn was brought to me by my sweet little Butterball, that baby has been giving me the gift of heartburn after sweet treats for a few weeks now....I have yet to learn my lesson, but back to the birthdays). Sweet little P, who so graciously shares her birthday with J got a very special Tinker-bell cake.
J had TONS of fun opening his presents. He has been happy to play with all of them, including the clothes, and I was especially happy to have some of those toys on our trip this last week, apparently nothing can calm the savage toddler (savage toddler = toddler that has been confined to his car seat for a few hours of driving through Wyoming) like a magaedoodle and a talking puppy.
Here we are just before we (lit) blew out the candles, I think J was actually checking out the candles that were being lit on P's cake.
See little J's new toy? Isn't that interesting what it says? His Toy wants him to choose the University of Utah over BYU. Hmmmm, Ken might need to have a talk with that toy.

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