Monday, April 12, 2010

Hidden, in plain sight

Over the past couple of months I have purchased Ken some presents (candy and his favorite cereal, he is pretty easy to buy for) and then I hid them in places that I was sure he would never look. Well, both times he found the items, both times completely innocently. The first time I hid some valentines candy in a drawer of my dresser, it just happened to be same day that he thought he would be really sweet and put the folded laundry away, thus he opened the dresser drawer to put away clothes, and found his favorite candy. The second time I hid the GIGANTIC bag of cereal in the cupboard above the stove, we hardly ever, almost NEVER, open it, all it holds are the Cake Pedestal and Cover and the burner liners for the stove. PLUS, if any one uses those things it is me.....well I didn't think about the fact that I had used the cake cover for our Birthday Cakes and that it was in the dishwasher. Well Ken, doing his do diligence, was putting away the clean dishes and so he opened that rarely used cupboard that I thought would be the perfect hiding place and what did he find? That is right Cereal! Two for Two, the Man is that good at happening across hidden presents. Which, in the end, is OK because he doesn't care if he is surprised or not, he usually figures things out when he sees the receipts.

Now, lets take a look at my ability to find presents. I don't go looking, I like to be surprised. On our Anniversary Ken presented me with a Willow Tree Statue. I was very surprised. I vaguely remember seeing a charge on our credit card from a hallmark store that I don't remember going to, but I know Ken watches our accounts and if he hadn't known what it was for he would have asked me. I really didn't think much of it. Ken told me he was very very surprised that I hadn't seen present, after all it had been on top of his dresser for a while, in plain sight. I guess I don't look at the top of his dresser, even though it is right at eye level there is not anything there that I use, other than the clock.

So Ken has learned a big lesson, there is no reason to even try to hide things from me, because I am oblivious. And I learned that next time I buy Ken an extra special treat I should make sure that I put away the laundry and the clean dishes myself until it is time to give him his gift!


Kristen said...

Have you considered wrapping them ahead of time?

I tease Ben about his attempts to hide things - because I clean everything. There is no area left unturned for very long. I love surprises so I'm always sad when I find his little stashes. I keep telling him to TELL me where he's going to hide something so I WON'T look there, but he thinks I'll cheat.

Maybe we should establish a box in the garage, to be his hiding place. And he can wrap them ahead of time if he doesn't trust me. =o)

Anyway, cute post.

angee said...

Too funny!