Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Goodbye Song

A few months ago on of the girls in the 11 year old class in primary told me about a song they sang in her old ward, it was a Goodbye song. They sang this song when people moved or turned 12 and left Primary. I asked her if she would write down the words for me and maybe I would be able to to teach it to our primary. It is to the same tune as the "Hello Song", you know "Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, We welcome you today....". Well last week she brought me very small piece of paper with the words to the Goodbye song written on it, and this week I taught "My" version of the song. I changed it a little and I really like the way it turned out. Here is how it goes.

Adios, Au revoir, See ya later, Alligator,
We're sad to see you go.
Adios, Au revoir, See ya later, Alligator,
Oh how we'll miss you so!
You've shared with us our Primary days
and been our friend in a very special way.
Adios, Au revoir, See ya later, Alligator,
Oh, How we'll miss you so!

The kids and the teachers all really liked it, and the teachers especially loved when I messed up and sang "We're GLAD to see you go". I am going to have to practice so I don't make that slip up again.