Thursday, April 1, 2010


Oh, sorry, were you all excited for a blog about a fascinating statistics class? Nope, I totally forgot to tell you about J's Doctor Visit a couple of weeks ago. And I don't know about you, but one of my favorite parts of the visit is when they hand me a growth chart that shows his growth.
My Boy has always been taller than average, but pretty much spot on average when it came to his weight- so he was like his dad, tall and skinny. Here are some examples.
12 Months- 23.1 pounds 54th %tile, 32 inches 96th %tile
15 Months- 24.89 pounds 56th %tile, 32.5 inches 87th %tile
18 Months- 26.57 pounds 60th %tile, 33.96inches 90th %tile

This time he took after me a little more.
24 Months- 30.6 pounds 80th %tile, 34.75 inches 61st %tile.
So did he really go from tall and skinny to average and chubby? Not really, I asked the doctor about that and he said that when a child goes from being measured while laying down to measured while standing against a wall they sometimes come up short. Eventually J will learn how to stand up tall and we will get a good measurement. I also think that my boy is on the verge of a growth spurt, where as most other doctor visits he has just had a growth spurt (I remember this because he always seems to be wearing New, Longer clothes and this time he still fit in the clothes he has been wearing for 6 months.)

The Doctor looked J over thoroughly and proclaimed that he was PREFECT! That is right, my child is perfect.

After the appointment J proclaimed that since he was perfect he should be allowed to drive. I disagreed, but I didn't tell him that until after I took this picture, the smile was just too much to pass up.

Some other things about J. I was worried about his language skills, the doctor said that he felt J was doing fine and that over the next few months I will probably see a dramatic increase in words that he knows and uses on a regular basis. And sure enough, it seems like in just the past couple of weeks he has started using more words (he was using 30 on a pretty regular basis, now it is probably 40 or 50) and is mimicking even more words than ever before, it is so much fun just to sit down and read books and have him say the words with me.

He has also discovered a love for the Park, unfortunately he can see a park from the car whenever we turn into our neighborhood and he thinks that if he sees a park he should be allowed to play at the park.

Time outs are now up to 2 minutes long, since he is 2, and he hasn't drawn on the walls since his birthday when he had 2 time outs in a row and then spent a good amount of time washing his artwork off the walls. Smart boy, he must be remembering that there was a consequence...that or he has forgotten about the crayons.

I love my boy, he is not a baby anymore, he is 100% snake, snail and puppy dog tail, with just the right amount of dirt and cuteness mixed in.

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Kristen said...

I love doctor visits too. Our kids were always on the big end of things but little Gregory is LITTLE. At 18th percentile, doesn't that mean he's malnourished or something? He doesn't have any chub anywhere! But he's healthy too, although not ready for driving. =o) I love your posts.