Thursday, April 15, 2010


Little J has a new addiction, watching vocabulary videos. His favorite is "House", he asks for it by name. The fact that it has the same name as a TV Show that isn't really appropriate for a 2 year old has not escaped a few visitors to our home recently. Rest assured, J is not watching a show about a prescription drug addicted doctor who solves medical mysteries just in time to save lives. No this show is all about homes and houses, doors, windows, furniture and my favorite, Cleaning. My not so favorite part of this addiction, I don't really get to watch the news much anymore, instead I find myself watching one of the Baby's first-word stories with my boy. My favorite part is that they are working wonders, he is using more and more words each day, and they aren't even the words on the videos. My favorite new word this week is "Flower"!

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Kristen said...

Did you know that the show "House" is a play on the character of "Holmes" - as in Sherlock Holmes. Makes you think. =o)

We have the same issue when our kids tell people they love Transformers or Hulk or Spiderman. They haven't seen the movies - only the cartoon series from the 80's. Jonathan was the ONLY kid in his kindergarten class last year who hadn't watched Transformers. Holy smokes. It's going to stay that way until he's 13. Imagine that.