Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sad Little Sick Boy

He has a fever, and gunk coming out of his eyes and nose. I thought it would be good for him to sit in the tub for a while. His fever went up. But at least we got some of the goobers washed off.
Poor Baby! On the bright side (for Ken), J really doesn't want much to do with me, he has preferred to cuddle with Ken most of the day, which makes Daddy very happy. It makes me wonder if he can smell his little brother on me, and that makes him think that I can not devote my full attention to him.

I had a very interesting experience during the 45 minutes or so that he had to make do with just Mommy. We were laying on the couch, with J just to my side and I noticed that Butterball had moved the side of my belly that J was closest to. After awhile I needed to move and J ended up on top of me, which seemed to be quite comfortable for both of us, I noticed again that Butterball had moved too, positioning himself right under his brother. I like to think that he wanted to be near J, to try to give him some comfort too. But maybe he was saying "My Mommy" in some secret baby language that I have long forgotten but J still understands, because as soon as Ken got home, suddenly I was not good enough, Daddy had to be the one to hold and cuddle him.

It's not all bad, I have had a free hour or two to make dinner, and I have even started to make a cake, which I will eat on my own since it is a chocolate cake and I know Ken won't want any and J is pretty much opposed to any food that is not Milk.

Wish us luck.


Natalie Darling said...

Adam started wanting daddy all the time instead of me 2 months before I had Faith. It was interesting how they just kind of feel what's coming.

Jennifer Hatch said...

Oh my goodness... your poor little guy! He looks so sick! Is he doing any better?