Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter Fraud?

Our Friend Christy said that this Babies bib shows proof of Voter Fraud! She said this with a wink and a smile. Baby did go voting today but I didn't let him touch the ballot, I was having too much fun using the electronic voting machine myself. This is the 4th Presidential Election that I have voted in and the first time using one of those machines, I must say I do kind of miss the little ballot poker and I did miss walking across the room with my ballot and dropping it into the box. But our voting machines do make a fun printing noise when you tell it to cast your ballot, the baby liked that. As we were leaving we turned in our little electronic voting card and I got a sticker. Baby was safely riding in the snugly and the poll worker could not resist giving him a sticker too.

So as far as voting went, I voted for at least one Republican and at least one Democrat. I did a lot of information gathering- read magazines, watched debates, searched the Internet, and talked to family members and friends. I made a choice but then still wondered, and then while watching the presidential candidates answer the same questions (separately) I made my final decision. While talking about how they would pick a new Supreme Court Judge one of the candidates spoke about how he would question Judges about how they view the Constitution- do they take it literally? He then spoke about how, in his opinion, the 2nd Amendment protected all Americans rights to marry whoever they want. My mind was made up at this point.

Speaking of Marriage, I want to express my support one more time for Proposition 8 in California, as well as several other similar ballot issues in other states. I have family members who do not support these Propositions and I have had plenty of time to think about why I do, and why I feel so strongly about it. It comes down to my own beliefs in God. I believe in God, that he has given us his laws and then has let us live and choose what we will do, follow his laws or not. I truly believe that we are Eternal Beings, we lived before, we were ourselves, Men and Women, and I believe we will continue to be ourselves after this life ends. This life is our chance to choose for ourselves, whether we will seek our Gods will and follow him or if we will go it alone and see how things work out. I have chosen to follow, as closely as I can, and that is why I support Prop 8, because I truly believe that it is right. Others may not feel the same way as I do, that is OK, we all have our own choice, our own will and it is our right and duty to express that choice and vote!

We live in a great land, people came to this land seeking religious freedom, it is my opinion that those people we lead to this land by a kind and loving God. They were lead by him, I choose to still follow him. I know many other wonderful God loving, fearing and following people, who have made different political choices than I did today. That is OK with me, that is what makes our country great, the chance to make our own personal voices heard.

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Christy said...

I agree! That is what makes this country great...the fact that we all get to choose for ourselves. I respect the fact that you did research and made a choice based on your feelings. I did too. So many Americans just vote based on party lines or randomly. If everyone were informed and made choices they can believe in, the country would be a better place. The key though is to listen carefully and often!