Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nature Vs. German Engineering

This baby is a thing of science- Created by Volkswagen! What do you think? Cute? Slightly Scary? I decided to see what VW could do for my family after reading a post on a friends blog where she introduced the baby she had created by melding herself with her future husband, Orlando Bloom. After seeing their creation, she may be rethinking her undying love for Orlando.

I am here to say- Don't give up- Nature has Magic that the German Car Makers will never have. As proof I present a picture of my Natural Born Child- German Engineering had nothing to do with his creation!

Just Kidding! That is Peter, we are not sure who created Peter but we love him like a son. Now for our Real BABY!
Take that VW! Nature all the way!


Hiccup MeL said...

Your real kid is way cuter! I vote that the website makes ugly kids! It has nothing to do with our cute faces.

Christy said...

I want to see what Peter and Baby's baby would look like!

Rachel said...

I agree - no engineer could ever make something that cute! And I come from a big ole family of nerdy engineers.