Monday, November 3, 2008

A Boo-tiful Life

This little Dinosaur costume has been the first Halloween outfit for 4 out of my parents 5 grandsons (I think). Not to be outdone- the boy, Q, that was too small to wear it for his first Halloween- wore it several times this summer (he is 5, the bottom of the legs came to his knees, it was a very "Interesting" look- cute, but not quite as cute as a chubby baby wearing it).
Ken was overpowered by the Baby Dinosaurs cuteness.
Baby Dinosaur forced us to take him to the neighborhood trunk or treat, where we allowed him to have his first lollipop, after which, his cheeks were very sticky.
After the Trunk or Treat Baby Dinosaur found a new friend, She used the Care Bear Stare and he fell madly in love, lunged at her and tried to give her a kiss (or maybe just chew on her face) she was quickly saved by her father.

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Hiccup MeL said...

Is it sad that I totally know all about the Care Bear Stare?? Ha!! You're hilarious. And, you're right. Your little one is the cutest dinosaur in the world!