Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks for Giving Me Food!

There is not much better than a large family gathering, but I think we were able to add to the beauty and excitement of the occasion by letting Baby participate! Really, there is something magical about a chubby little cherub sitting right next to you as you eat your Turkey! And this cherub took his cherub duties seriously, he even let me strip him down to his diaper (he thought it was for fun, I knew it was for ease of cleanup afterwards).Baby got to feed himself, he was given mashed up sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and some pieces of homemade roll. As you see, he wasn't quite sure if he liked it.

One thing was sure, he enjoys squishing food with his tiny little fingers.

This was Grandpa Turners view of Baby, he claimed it was the best view of all and I am tempted to agree.

This was Lucy the dogs view of the Baby, She thinks it was the best view with the best benefits, I was glad for the help with the cleanup.

We knew that Baby wasn't getting a ton of food in his mouth, but what we didn't know was that he has already learned the fine art of hiding his food.

So we had a wonderful day. We arrived home just after bedtime and Baby slept through the night without even a peep. Ken left at 5:40 or so to go shopping this morning and Baby started talking to himself around 6:30. As babies wake up time is not until 7:30 and as he wasn't crying, I let him talk to himself while I read. At 7 I took pity on him, entering his room in the dark (just in case he was just stuck somewhere in his crib that he didn't want to be and would easily go back to sleep after being repositioned) and I had a hard time believing what my eyes were telling me. The Babies head was hovering a few inches above his crib. I turned the light on, and sure enough, the babies head WAS hovering a few inches above his crib.
This is a picture of the first time he stood up in his crib. He was stuck, and he was proud!

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AZSMITHS said...

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I'm with you on the sleep deprivation thing! Last night baby went to bed at 11:00pm and woke up at 5:45 am. I was doing a happy dance!