Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I should be cleaning....

But I would rather tell you about our Trip.

We went to Fort Collins, Colorado and spent time with Family and Friends. Here are some Pictures.
I had a hard morning on Friday, I had planned to pack, pack the car and then get as much cleaning done around the house as I could before leaving on the trip. Well, I packed and barely got the car packed, no cleaning was done and I didn't eat lunch. So I convinced Ken that we should stop and get some Hamburgers at McDonald's. I had no Idea that people in Wyoming didn't know how to sit on Chairs. Apparently it is stand and eat or saddle up and eat. Baby chose to saddle up.

Once again, Other Peoples toys are the best! Baby is getting really good at sitting up on these push toys, he can not go forward but on Saturday he did push himself backwards once, it scared him.

Music to my ears! OK, so his music is not very harmonious, but he has fun with these piano toys (Anyone want to give him one for Christmas?)

Baby was able to finish up his Christmas shopping at Kohl's, for Dad a 300 piece "24" Puzzle on sale for $2.99, and for Mom a cute Shirt/Dress for $4.00. It took so much effort that soon after finding the last item baby fell fast asleep.

Well, the camera battery just died so I can not upload anymore pictures today, but do not fear, more cuteness will be coming your way soon.

Driving 6-7 hours is not my favorite thing to do, but it was well worth it to spend time with Ken's Brother T and his family, plus visiting with other good friends who have all found there way out to Fort Collins.

Fort Collins is a great place, every time we visit, I tell Ken that if we had to move I would be OK if we moved to Fort Collins. The past two times we have been out there we went to dinner at a restaurant called "Hu Hot" it is basically just a Mongolian Grill, you take a bowl and pick your meat, noodles, Vegetables or Fruit and your sauce or combination of sauces, then you take it to the "450 degree circle" and they cook it for you. YUM YUM YUM! We have got to find somewhere like that around here! This year we went down to the Outlets that are just outside of town. Our new favorite store? The Carters Outlet. Luckily they have just opened one in West Jordan.

And as we left Colorado, we filled up the car with gas for $1.99! It has been years since we filled up for less than $2 per gallon. I was going to say- na na na na naaaa na we got gas for $1.99, but then on the news this afternoon they said that gas in Utah has hit $1.99 so I guess I can't be too snooty about it. But really, it is a magical feeling, I can not wait to see how cheap it gets!


Jodi said...

Have you ever been to the New Chinese Buffet? It's on State St in Orem somewhere between 800 N. and 1600 N. I think. It's been a while since we've been there, but YUM, YUM, YUM! This might be what you are looking for in the area.

angee said...

Oh, I love Colorado. That's where I grew up. Fort Collins is great, as are the suburbs of Denver. And my favorite place is Colorado Springs. Beauty like I've never seen. I wish I could convince my husband to try it out. I know he would LOVE it! So jealous of your trip, but in a good way!

Christy said...

You can not move...unless you move to where we move...then you can move. We would be too sad, and lonely, would miss baby too much, and tivo too, and who would play games with Niel, and who would I go on walks with and make cards with. Nope can't move. We'll just have to open up our own Mongolian BBQ place.