Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Celebrate Good Times

I slept ALL NIGHT last night! Why is this something to Celebrate? Because it means that Baby slept all night last night too! For the past 5 days or more Ken and I have been awakened several times a night and we have sometimes spent several hours a night comforting our uncomfortable baby.
So today we are Celebrating Thanksgiving early- I am thankful for Antibiotics, Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen, and Yes, cuddle time with my sweet baby. I am also thankful for Ken and his patience with me and our baby- for example two nights ago, at about 1 AM, Ken made a Crib, for baby and me, in our front room by pushing our two couches together. Why did he make a crib for us, well all I could do for baby was hold him, he was calm if I held him, but I was afraid that I would fall asleep and lose my grip on baby and so Ken made a soft place for us to cuddle, and sleep without fear of falling onto the hard floor. Don't worry, I didn't drop him.

Our Crib has been pushed apart and we have two couches again, this is what the sweet little baby looked like this morning as he made his daily appraisal of his Kingdom. "It's good to be King!" he says.
Something else to Celebrate is the possible end to the sleep deprivation that I have been suffering from this past week. Yesterday seemed to be the worst, brain function was at its lowest in months. As an example- I was responding to an email my brother in law sent to us, he told us about an accident that his fiance had been in, and how she had lost her grandmother. I asked him to "send" our love etc to her, but then after spell checking my email I decided to change "send" to "express". I didn't spell check again, after all I know how to spell express. Well turns out I didn't quite delete "send" completely, so I sent an email to my engaged brother in law, asking him to "sexpress to her, our love, our regards, our condolences, and our excitement over what is going to happen in 6 or 7 weeks"- it takes on a whole new meaning. Yesterday I was horrified. Today I think it is kind of funny.

So after sending my emails in the morning, I decided the best thing to do would be to lay on the couch all day. I was able to take a nap, which was nice, and baby showed me his newest talent. He would crawl over to me on the couch, put his hands up onto it and then, very slowly, stand up. 90% of the time his feet were actually about 18 inches away from the couch and so instead of standing he was actually doing an elevated push up, but it was still cute. As this picture below proves.
I don't expect the "Cruising" to begin for a few more weeks, he isn't very stable once he gets up, but it sure is sweet to see him crawl toward me and then do everything in his power to get to where I am.


Rachel said...

Ha! I was laughing out loud at your spelling mishap.

So glad you guys were able to sleep ALL NIGHT - phew! Sounds like Mr. Baby is doing better. I love those pictures of his sweet smile - what a cutie!

Kristen said...

There's that smile! He's a melter.

He looks SO grown up in his suit - I was trying to remember how long ago you were here. Is he a year older now? (JK) But then in his jammies he looked like his little baby self. What a cutie.