Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Proud Mom of a Big Boy

Yesterday was the first day of school around here. That means buses! We were out having fun yesterday but this morning the boys and I took a trip down to the local bus stop to watch the elementary school kids board their bus. We were having a lazy Wednesday morning and were still in our pajamas. I walked and the boys rode their respective little tikes cars down to the bus stop. My oldest, J, got there first, his brother B lagging about 50 yards behind. I stood on a corner where I could see both of them. My little J found enough room right at the front of the line for him and his car. He sat there happily, chatting up the school kids. And then I heard him proudly proclaim "I wear Underpants!!!!!!!" I don't know what prompted it, but it made me laugh. My boy, he wears underpants and in just over a year he will be standing in that school bus line, ready for his first day of kindergarten.

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