Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Colorado! First Week of July

At the very begging of July we went to Colorado. We went to visit Becky in Pueblo first and since that is at least a 10 hour trip we decided to cut it in half. I got a room at the Holiday Inn in Grand Junction- for $40! The boys had a blast, they got to ride on the luggage rack and jump on hotel beds and B even got to sleep in a swank hotel crib! Unfortunately some soccer playing zombies attacked the men in the room next to ours from about 1 AM to 4 AM so Ken and I didn't sleep to well. Other than that we had a pretty good experience at the Holiday Inn.

The next morning we piled back in the car and took off for Pueblo, where we found Becky- she needed lots of love and our boys were very willing to provide her with cuddles. 

We discovered Children's literature has fallen on hard times, good thing there is such a thing as censorship. I don't even want to know what the original title of this book was :)

We left Pueblo and headed for Fort Collins where we got to celebrate the first birthday of our little cousin Micheal. We had fun with Tim and Liz and their entire family.

We also climbed trees while we......
waited for a city bus.....
and then rode the bus.....
along its entire route.

As you can see from the smiles, it was lots of fun.

We visited the Swetsville Zoo

Run from the Dinosaurs B, RUN!!!!! all the animals at the Swetsville Zoo are made of Car Parts. 

We also visited living animals at the Denver Zoo.

Who needs hair gel when your Mom has sunscreen.....I like the new do, don't you?

We saw Elephants.....
became elephants.

J practiced for when he is on Season 55 of the Amazing will still be on in 20 or so years, right.....

And the kids played in the best place in the house- the crawl space, of course!

Ken and went for a walk with none other than Captain America!

And on our way home we stopped off at the Evanston  McDonald's because they have the coolest seats in the entire world. Seriously, where else can you sit on a saddle while you eat Micky Dee's Delicacy's

And that was our Colorado Trip :)

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