Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home, Second Week of July

The day after we got home from Colorado J had his final Soccer game.....but wait, that's not J you say? You are right, that is B. Ken got tired of J standing there not doing anything during the game and so he put J's shirt on B and let him have a go at it. If my memory serves me correctly B did chase the ball around the field.
After the Game our neighborhood had a Fourth of July Brunch and the ever industrious B found the coolest snacks around.
Later in the week I was making some bread and J wanted to "Play" with me. He didn't understand that I wasn't exactly playing. So he started to ask for things, first it was his own stove, then a microwave, then a sink and an oven and a refrigerator. It was fun to watch him in his kitchen, he is quite the chef.
There just weren't enough pictures of J in this post....I don't quite know why he is sitting on my flour bucket, but he's a cutie, so there you go.
And that was the second week of July

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