Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home, Fourth Week of July

Apparently we didn't use the camera much during the 4th week of July....oops. 
Here is what we captured. Ken and J went on a camping trip!

While camping J learned a little bit about fires. Like you should always stand at a safe distance, (that is what J told me, I was impressed) AND if you want your fire to get bigger you should pour water on it. I told J I didn't think that was true, that if you poured water on your fire the fire would go out. "Somebody tell you the wrong thing Mommy ......
......When you want your fire to get big you put fire water on it and it goes BOOM!!!!!" 
a little while later, after much discussion about fire and fire water I decided that someone at the camp out must have had some lighter fluid.

The next day we went to the Dowdle Reunion. It was lots of fun, our cousins Jennifer and Jessica drove down with Jessica's little baby, we saw lots of other cousins and I put a few bracelets and earrings in the Chinese auction- they were much sought after :) 

This week also brought us great joy as we found out that we were pregnant. That Wednesday I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I wanted to make sure so I went to my doctors office on Friday morning and their test agreed. Sadly, the next week everything went wrong and I had an early miscarriage. More on that later I guess. 

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