Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beginning of August, Home

As August began we were blessed with a visit from Ken's oldest brother and his family. Their son was entering the MTC. It was a happy occasion.

J, of course, tried to steal their van.

The first weekend in August we went to the Olsen Reunion.

It was held at a really great park

There was a bountiful supply of food and sweet treats. It was also B's 2nd Birthday that day

I made him this beautiful Chocolate Banana Cake- and yes, that's a picture of a Monkey, not a picture of B.

I am not sure what is happening in this picture, but it seemed like both boys were having I thought I would include it.

The Birthday Boy! I love his new "Cheese" smile.

The next week I had a couple of financial miracles- small ones. The story of the first miracle being this. I needed some new running shoes, so I got an E-gift card for JC Penny from Discover Rewards. It was kind of weird, it was for $50 and I just printed it out and it said it was good at the I went. I found some shoes, and a swimsuit and I expected to have to pay a little extra. The Clerk told me that my total was $47 or something like that. I looked at her funny and mentioned that the shoes were $45. She checked the register and said that they had only rung up at $ I went and got a second pair. Then for some reason the $50 gift card covered the entire transaction- even though my total was $58 before tax. I had her call a manager and the manager looked at everything  looked at the receipt and asked the clerk lots of questions and then she turned to me and said something like "Congratulations, you got a deal!" I don't know why it happened, but I told Ken that it made me feel like God was up there knowing that I was feeling down, having just miscarried, and he knew that I LOVED getting deals so he made sure I got the deal of the century. Nike running shoes for $18 WHAT? But then to get all of it, basically for free. I was amazed.

That same day we set up bunk beds in the boys room. These are the same bunk beds that my Dad made for us when we were little girls.They still seem pretty sturdy and the boys love them.

More Bedtime Cheese.

We decided that it was time to get J a bike, he LOVES it. 

Financial Miracle number 2 goes like this. I had heard that a local attorney, Robert J. DeBry, sells bike helmets at a discounted price so the next day we went down to his office. I brought $10 in change from my change jar. I figured for $5 per helmet I might as well get B one too. While we were picking out our helmets Mr. DeBry came by, he said that since he didn't want those cute kids getting hurt he would give us our helmets for free! FREE! I cried a little.

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