Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hill Aerospace Museum, Wolf Creek and Brigham City

Back in April Ken and I went to the Wolf Creek location of our vacation club. I liked it so much that I immediately began planning a return trip with the boys, and my Parents. 

We went up on Monday and our first stop was the Hill Aerospace Museum....well, our first stop was this Russian Tank, which J hated.....with a passion.

At the Museum we looked at planes, Lost J, Found J and looked at more planes.

J put on a press conference.  

This is a B24, which is the type of plane that my Grandfather Turner flew during WWII. I've never seen one before. 
This is what my boys did while we were looking at the B24
My boys compared to the tire of a Troop Transport Plane.
Can you tell that little B had a fantastic time at the Museum?

We checked in at our condo at Wolf Creek and the boys were immediately impressed with their room, in fact at bedtime I asked "do you want to read some books" and J quickly answered "No, lets just go to bed."

The next morning Grandma Turner helped the boys make a fort.

We finished our trip by touring the new Brigham City Temple. It was beautiful. There was such an amazing spirit there, as we entered the parking garage (yep, the parking garage is where the tour started) I felt overjoyed, I almost cried. It was a great experience.
Each temple has it's own unique design theme, and the Brigham City Temples theme is Peach Blossoms. The round windows have peach blossom designed glass, and there is peach blossom stone work. So pretty.
And with that, I am pretty much caught up- picture wise :)

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