Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For so many reasons

I love the Biggest Loser- I know that if I was able to have my own personal trainer and worked out 10+ hours per day I would lose a lot of weight. I just don’t have the money for the personal trainer and I don’t really want to work out 10+ hours per day, so I am going to have to try something different. I am going to be my own biggest loser and I am starting by listing all the reasons I want to change.

1- So that I will be healthier- I don’t want to have constant questions in my mind about whether or not I am slowly killing myself. I want to know that I am doing all I can to avoid Diabetes’s and Heart Disease.
2- If I am this cute now- Imagine how cute I will be later!
3- I don’t want to look pregnant when I am not pregnant
4- I want my clothes to fit- I want even smaller clothes to fit me.
5- I want to run and not be weary and walk and not faint
6- I want to feel more attractive
7- In the future I want to have easier pregnancies
8- I want to have more energy
9- I want to have a stronger body
10- I want to be able to hold my baby for as long as he wants/need to be held- he is getting really heavy, which for him is good
11- Maybe some of my aches and pains will go away
12- I want to be inspiring to others who want to change too

That is a good start- I am going to post these on my fridge- to remind me that I don’t need that extra snack, I am going to post them on several mirror and down by the treadmill. I am going to wake up and put on my exercise clothes, to remind me to go run before I get dressed for the day. I am going to move some toys downstairs so that I cannot justify not running because of the baby, He can watch. I am also going to make a little tracking sheet for myself and come up with some motivational rewards for meeting different kinds of goals.

Do you have any other ideas that might help me?

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Hiccup MeL said...

You go girl! I have also recently began to make changes to lose weight too. I love your list. I'm doing the dreaded WW, and I've just started this

It's kind of fun, and you could do it on your treadmill.

Think of all the weight you've already lost now that you got your haircut! ;)