Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did you even notice I was gone?

I tricked a few of you- For those who asked "How do you post while on vacation?" I now answer- I prepare them before I go and schedule them to post when I want them to post- that way my fans don't have to wait to long in between posts- well maybe I should say my Fan......

So yes- We went to Idaho to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler and Brothers and Sisters and Cousins and friends. We had a blast. Here are some of the most fun moments.
We left Friday after Ken finished work and drove to Oakley, Idaho. There we enjoyed the company of the Nelsons- (according to all the Ghost shows I have watched on the Discovery Channel, this picture shows at least two Ghosts, can you find them?) Ken wants to visit the Nelsons every time we go to Idaho- because they are great people and fun to spend time with, and because thy have a full sized Air Hockey and Foosball TablesAlso- They have this amazing little lady bug scooter- the baby is still a little to small to sit on it, but he enjoyed sucking on its antenna. (I see two or more ghosts in this picture too, the Nelson's house must be haunted!)
On Saturday we made it to Boise and visited a Pumpkin Patch. Because Pumpkin Patches are full of dirt and possibly just Giant Mud Pits, we opted to use the Snugly instead of the Stroller. Baby also wore his hat that Grandma Turner made him for Christmas last year (I have a matching one, I am sure you will see plenty of pictures of our cute hats as it gets colder). This is one of my Favorite Pictures- I love my family.
Because Baby is less than a year old he got a free (small) pumpkin. Our Friend M found this one for us, it has cute little spirally trailers on it that Baby liked to suck on.

On Sunday we attended the Blessing of Babies newest and closest in age cousin (you can see him in the background). After the Blessing we all had lunch and Baby fell asleep on his Dads lap. Everyone was impressed by his ability to sleep in a room full of loud conversations. I was impressed by his ability to sleep with a Binky on his face.

On Monday we drove for 6 hours! this is what my sweet boy looked like after 5 1/2 hours- AMAZING! He actually slept for 3 or more hours- it was a very good trip.


JAG said...

Hey Ken and Kate,
This is your long lost cousins, Grant and Janus Wheeler who live in Minnesota. Grant was talking to your Mom just tonight and gave us your blog address. Isn't it so fun to blog? I sometimes need to step away from the computer,'cause it's sooooo...addicting. I can't believe the last time we saw eachother was at Great Grandpa Wheeler's funeral. I just think it's great to keep in touch this way. I hope you don't mind that I'm reading your blog, if you would like to read ours, the address is....www.threewheelers.blogspot.com

Check us out!!! Your family is so cute.
Where are you guys now?

Janus and Grant Wheeler (aka JAG 'Janus Alexis Grant)

Christy said...

I noticed... it's sad when the Wheelers are gone.