Monday, June 27, 2011

How Cute Are They?!?!

My Sister, Abby, took some pictures of my little family. She did an AMAZING JOB!
 I have never felt very photogenic, but  I sure think my boys are, they must get it from their father. Here's my little Baby B, 10 months and 3 weeks old, wearing an 18 month size outfit that fits just right! He is a tall boy.
 I call this next one "Love Thy Brother" 
 And I love this one too, my J is getting so BIG! 
 My little dirty faced boy- He even has some treasures in his nose! And he is Gorgeous!
 Ken and B! B was getting a little fussy, Ken fixed that.
 Lately J has been giving us kisses on our noses- he loves it, and it makes for a cute picture.
  Lately if Ken tells J that he loves him, J says "No, You love Baby, Mommy love me!" It's true I do love J, I am glad he knows it. We always tell him that Mommy loves him and Daddy loves him and Brother loves him too! We all Love each other! Sometimes J agrees, sometimes he stands his ground, "No, Mommy Love Me!"
Fingers in the mouth, kind of cute.
 Right now, this next one is the picture I thinking of getting printed, though the one above is growing on me....
 My Man and his Boys!
 I just love this one- they boys were getting wiggly and wouldn't look at the camera- or even in the same direction, my sister asked our brother in law to take the dogs to a different part of the lawn, since the boys were watching the dogs, instead our smart brother, lifted one of the dogs up into the air, the boys went CRAZY!
 I love Ken Wheeler, SO MUCH! 
 Thanks Abby for taking these pictures. They, and You, are Amazing!


Scarlett said...

Love these pics! Your fam is adorable!

Arit said...

Super GREAT pictures!!! I LOVE them!! I can't believe how big the boys are getting. They are so cute and you look amazing, Kate! We really all should get together again soon.