Friday, June 10, 2011

Parkin' It

So today has been a weird day. Ken was home in the morning, then at about 10 he left to go to the Special Needs Mutual Youth Conference, he is going to be gone until about 9 tonight. It is beautiful outside and I want to spend lots of time out there. We have been to the big park, that is about a block and a half away from our house, a few times this week. The park is getting really fun because J is very able and willing to play by himself. So today I thought I wanted to try something new. I knew that B would enjoy time in the tent- because I took it to the big park earlier this week- but I wanted some shade too and I am too big for the tent. So I set up my market umbrella..... Look how happy B is!
See that gate- that's my gate. We were close enough to the house (and our wireless) that I was able to take my laptop out there.
And here is another view- see how close we are to the neighborhood playground! We are going to be out here a lot this summer, we are ALL going to enjoy it. J had fun for an hour- then it was nap time. A side effect of playing at the park, J sleeps pretty darn good at nap time AND bedtime. And yes, we are going back to the park after dinner. (hehehehehehe, do you think he will figure out my evil plan?)
There were not a lot of kids at the park today, two 15 month old girls came to play, but they didn't really want to play with J. At one point J denied use of the Baby Swing to one of the little girls,  his brother was going to come I took B over to the swing so as to not turn J into a liar. So, this is what happened...

"I'm not to sure about this, are you sure this is safe?!?!" 
"I feel a little funny in my tummy! I like it!"

 B's has been in a swing like this 3 times now, the first few times he lasted about a minute before he was crying and begging to get out. This time he really liked it. J pushed him for a while and then I took over, he had fun in the swing for at least 10 minutes. I think he might be addicted. J is learning how to swing on the big swings. He still wants to sit in the baby swings (I believe this is the real reason he denied access to the swing to the little girl) but since he weighs 35 pounds, I am not very inclined to help him get in and out of the baby swings. This picture really doesn't show how well he did, in fact he kind of looks like he is in pain, but believe me, he enjoyed the big swing and I believe that he will soon not even ask for me to put him in the baby swing.
So if you're in the neighborhood and want to spend some time at the park, let us know! We will bring out the tent, umbrella and blanket! We will all have a good old time at the park.

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