Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Other stuff we've been doing

Last weekend I ran a 5k, the Blood Run and no it was not a race for Vampires, it was a race to support the Utah Hemophilia Foundation. It was near my parents house AND it started at 7 AM, because Ken was busy that morning and because I didn't want to wake the boys up at 5 AM so that I could get them to my Parent's house with time for me to make it to the race early enough to get my # and run the race, I decided to sleep over with the boys at Grandma and Grandpas, It was fun. Before we left Daddy alone at home, we treated him to dinner at Emmett's and Ethel's here in Lehi. 
B is getting to be a big boy, but he seemed so little in the high chair. Happy, but little. 
 I later realized that B was little because he was pretty much laying down in the chair.
 This is rare- this boy seems to have cleaned his plate! I cleaned my plate too, that may or may not have been a good thing- calorie wise.
Some other things we've been doing- B is still enjoying all kinds of foods, here he is with some more sauce-less spaghetti- he really likes noodles.
 And J continues to pick out his own clothes. He is also talking more and more, it is amazing the things this kid says and sings. He has a great memory too, he reminds me of things all the time (so now I have to stop making promises that I don't intend to keep, because he remembers), AND, he has a great imagination too. We have lots of conversations about Fires and Firemen and Fire Trucks and Smoke, Just about everything in our house has been on fire recently- according to J.
I also love the baby down in the bottom of this picture- sometimes that kid busts a gut laughing. I love my boys!

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