Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kate's New Adventure

I am going to be Utah County's FIRST Premier Designs Jeweler! 

I hosted two pretty successful parties over the past couple of years, after my second party the Jeweler (Alecia, who happens to be my cousin) asked me if I was interested in becoming a jeweler myself, she thought I would be good at it. I was very easy for me to tell her I wasn't interested, because I am not a salesman.

So a year has gone by I was ready to host another party (meaning I was ready to get some more AWESOME hostess jewelry LOVE IT!) and I contacted Alecia and we set the date, and then a couple of days later she emailed me and asked if I had thought about being a Jeweler again. I almost shot an email right back saying that "wasn't my thing, I just liked the free jewelry" but I didn't. We were chatting again a few days later and she reminded me that I had never answered her question, and I tried to say that I wasn't interested, but I couldn't. I felt like I was being stopped mid sentence and I couldn't finish. Instead I said that I needed to think about it some more, and talk to Ken. The talk with Ken never really happened other than me telling Ken that Alecia was going to come over to tell me more about working for/with Premier Designs.

And so it happened that Alecia came over and told me how it all works and the benefits of being a Jeweler for Premier Designs. Ken was there. And he and I both thought the same thing. This is something that I should do. We prayed about it and still felt the same way, and so I signed up. I am excited and a little scared, but more an anticipation kind of scared than a fear of clowns kind of scared.

Some of the things I have learned about Premier Designs that I love-

  • The founders of the company wanted to create an opportunity for stay at home mothers, single parents, or individuals serving full time in Christian Ministries to be able to earn money and help support themselves and their families.
  • The first of the four things they list as their company philosophy is "We believe God created every person with value." The first of the four items listed as their company purpose is "To enrich every life we touch" and the first of the companies objectives is"God demands fairness in every business deal. He sets the standard and we desire to honor Him" I was really impressed by those things.
  • I have always enjoyed hosting the parties, I like the jewelry, and loved the hostess benefits. But I also just felt good about myself, I thought it was because I had new jewelry to wear but I think it might have something to do with the way Premier Designs does business "Building this business on Biblical principles has made this business strong as well as enabled us to enrich lives. These principles keep us focused on the things that really matter — serving, caring, hard work, hope and truth. We are determined that our growth should never outpace our ability to serve. Nothing is more important than service — it defined our beginning, has defined our growth, and it will define our future," declares Premier Designs Co-founder Andy Horner. "I'm talking about a total life commitment to being a servant. This means that when one of our Jewelers walks into a home, she must focus on more than selling jewelry. She must see each of the individuals at the Home Show as an infinitely valuable person made in the image of God. She must care about those people and seek to build them up. Even if the retail sales are disappointing, a Home Show is considered a success if the Jeweler gives of herself — expecting nothing in return — and enriches the lives of each person there by caring, listening, encouraging, and helping each participant understand that they are 'somebody.' This is the heart of how Premier Designs defines success." I found that on the Premier Designs Website. I think it explains a little why I always felt so good about my parties- even when only 2 or 3 people showed up. I had hosted other types of direct sales parties- My Tupperware party would be a good example- and when not many people showed I always felt like I had failed in some way, it wasn't the best of experiences, but with my jewelry parties it was just different. I felt valued. I think I am a caring person, I can listen and encourage and help to lift people when they need it. I LOVE that service is actually the focus of this company. It makes me feel really good about working with them.
So I am starting to make plans, set up home shows/jewelry parties. I have a goal to have 6-9 shows in my first 6 weeks (July 6th to August 16th). I am hoping to talk some good friends into being hostess for those shows. I know it would be fun, and I hope that they would feel as good as I felt after my parties. I really have a desire to love and serve and uplift as I build my little business. So, if I send you an email, or give you a call, and beg for your help, please know that I put a lot of thought and prayer into my list of potential hostesses. And if you want to preempt my call/email and you just really really really want to host a Home Show- Let Me Know! (and don't worry if you live outside of Utah County- I am totally willing to travel-within reason ;) )

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