Monday, June 20, 2011

A Big Splash

Last summer I heard that Highland had a splash park, being large with child at the time I was very willing to spend time at splash parks. It was hot, I could wade through water if i wanted. J could have lots of fun. I even  scheduled a play date, it was for either August 5th or 6th......who knew I would have a Baby on August 4th! No one, and I totally forgot about the splash park, until last week when my friend Annaca reminded me. So on Friday the boys and I suited up and headed over to Highland. 

I was a little worried, because on the Highland City website they said that the splash park was not open when the temperature was below 75. Well it has been hot this week, right up until yesterday afternoon. When we got the the park there was no water, just a bunch of kids in suits running around and jumping on rocks. J was perfectly willing to jump on rocks. Then about 15 min after we got there water erupted from everywhere!

B enjoyed this little perch (for about 90 seconds)
J enjoyed running around this splash pad, but he would not venture into it when the water was shooting.
The splash park had a large waterfall (just for show it was pretty well blocked off though I did have to stop J from climbing down into it at one point) the water from the waterfall flows under a bridge and through a little lagoon, where J spent most of his time. In the lagoon there are lots of rocks that spurt water. J had a blast AND he didn't make anyone cry! YES!
Baby B, once again, spent most of his time in the igloo. I love that tent, quite possibly the best Ikea purchase I have ever made.
We had so much fun that I decided we would go every Friday, if possible. And next time, we're bringing lunch. Also for next time, I am not going to leave my camera at the splash park. I didn't realize the camera was missing until after we were home and both the boys were napping- basically when I wanted to blog about how much fun we had had. After Ken got home I drove back over there, parked in the same spot, walked the same path, couldn't find our camera.......then for some strange reason I looked up- and there it was hanging from a small branch on the tree closest to our parking spot. I am grateful for honest people! I was so worried, not about the camera but about the pictures that we hadn't moved to the computer yet. Ken took care of that as soon as I got home. So that is the end of our Splash Park adventure, for today that is.


Scarlett said...

How fun! I totally want to go there this week!

Rachel said...

I believe that play date was with ME!! We should set a new one up, perhaps on another Friday when I suspect you'll be going anyway? ;) But not this week because I'll be in Oklahoma, dying from heat and humidity. I'll call you if I survive it.