Saturday, June 18, 2011

Temple Picnics

The boys and I started something new this week, we are going go to a temple each month and have a picnic. On Wednesday we went to the Draper Utah LDS Temple. As soon as we drove into the parking lot at the temple, J started calling out, "Moroni! Moroni! Mommy there's Moroni!" And I wondered who taught him about the statue of Moroni on top of the Temples. I vaguely remember pointing it out once, but really only once. He has a great memory. The next thing J noticed was the groundskeepers, or more importantly their equipment. He stalked this "Digger" with the ease and skill of a jungle cat. We will see later if he was successful in catching his prey.
 Then there was Baby B, It was pretty sunny and since the Draper Temple is only a couple  years old I knew they wouldn't have much shade there, so we brought our Ikea igloo tent, it was perfect for B. He rolled around and cooed and was generally CUTE. When we have picnics B gets to eat bread, I toss it in the tent and he rolls over to it, it's a pretty fun game.

So, yes, J eventually caught the digger. Truth be told the groundskeepers went in for lunch and they parked the digger about 15 feet from us. J was in heaven. He is sitting on my lap right now and he keeps saying "Me likes dee digger". 
Baby B is on the verge of crawling, he is at the point where he can go in reverse but hasn't figured out how to put himself into drive. I put the tent next to a little tree and B kept backing up and backing up into the a corner of the tent. Eventually I realized that he was actually moving the tent. He had wrapped the tent around the tree, about 5 to 6 inches. He was quite pleased with himself. 
Later that day Baby B did something new- he got into a sitting position all on his own. He has been sitting up on his own for quite a while now, he will sit FOREVER and play, but if he fell over he couldn't get back up. On Tuesday we had some friends over and B rolled himself into the middle of the room, then with great gusto he showed of his new trick, twice, both times he did it a different way. Since then he has been rolling or backing up, wherever he wanted, sitting up, playing for a while, then rolling somewhere else. He is pretty proud of his new ability.....but back to the final Temple picture. I couldn't get both of the boys to look at the camera and smile at the same time. This one was the cutest. I learned for next time not to put the boys in the shade (1 minute in the sun for pictures won't hurt them). 
 All in all we had a wonderful time at the temple. J and I had a pretty nice conversation about the temple and why it is a special place, how it is the house of the Lord and that Mommy and Daddy got married in a Temple and they get to go to the temple sometimes. The Groundskeepers told me that there are lots of people who come up there and eat lunch and look at the Temple, so now I don't feel so funny about picnicking at the Temple. I hope our boys enjoy our new tradition. More pictures of our Temple Picnics will come every month

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