Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby B Explains it All

Hello All! It's me, Baby B. I thought I would share some stories with you today. This weekend we went out of town, all the way to Midway! It's just 21.44 miles from where we live- as the crow flies- but since we are not crows we had to drive 35 miles around the mountain that separates us from Midway. 

I was pretty happy in Midway, but hey, I am pretty happy everywhere right? Midway was beautiful, we got there on Saturday and came home on Monday, which I think was not long enough! I wanted to go on a hike, maybe check out those cool craters that seemed to be EVERYWHERE, as it was we didn't leave our condo much, but our view was quite pretty and we had some pretty fun adventures.
The first thing we did once we got settled in, was go swimming. My brother J was SO EXCITED to go swimming that I thought it must be something amazing! I watched J jump to Mommy a few times and then Mommy put me into a plastic, air filled, TORTURE DEVICE! I immediately started to complain, it just didn't seem safe to me, sure, it had two circle shape things and a seat with a back rest and it floated quite well, BUT I didn't like it. Pretty soon Mommy gave up and let Daddy catch J. Mommy and I went and sat next to a big tub full of really warm water. Mommy put her feet in the water but she wouldn't let me get it. Who knows, I think I would have liked it. It was fun watching J and flirting with all the other ladies and babies and everyone really. I like flirting. J also had a new toy, Mommy called it a Noodle. J even kicked his feet a little while he used the noodle to help him float in the water. Mommy said J is gong to take swimming lessons soon, if Mommy can remember to sign him up that is.
Here is a picture of our Condo. Mommy thought it was really cute, very Swiss. We were right next door to the Zermatt Resort and Spa, it was also Swiss inspired- as were most of the other resorts.....I felt very at home here, so did Mom, after all, we are part Swiss, and we really like Swiss Cheese and stuff like that. Mom really wants to go to Swiss days sometime, but that is another story, so on to my next adventure.

When Mom and Dad decided to go to Midway they were still living under the false hope that J and I would be able to share a room at night, so they booked a 2 bedroom condo for us to stay in. Mommy decided to try  making the second bathroom into a special little nursery just for me! My pack and play fit very well into the bathroom, but Mommy forgot to bring my extra soft convoluted mattress pad....this proved to be a problem. You see, I like comfort. I will put up with the uncomfortable and hard pack and play thing for a couple of hours, but not all night. At 2 AM on Sunday Morning I turned on my "I am NOT Happy and I will wake up the Neighbors" siren. It worked. Mommy came and saved me. She brought me into her room and told me that since she and Daddy had a King sized bed there at the Condo, there would definitely be room for little old me. Mommy and Daddy decided it would be safest for me to be in the middle of he bed. They were right, I do move around  A LOT, and I do intentionally try to fall off beds and stuff. So anyway, what Mommy and Daddy didn't realize was that I am a complete and total BED HOG! It is true, like I said, I like comfort and when I find a comfortable mattress I make it mine. In this case I decided that the most comfortable part of the bed was indeed in the middle but not length wise down the middle, I wiggled until I found the perfect spot, which was width wise, Mommy and Daddy had sufficient room on either side of me, as long as they laid on their sides. Sometimes they crowded me, so I would kick Mom or headbutt Dad until they gave me the appropriate space. Mommy didn't like this, she took an extra blanket and folded it 4 or 5 times until it fit perfectly into my little pack and play, then she banished me back to the bathroom. The blanket provided sufficient softness for me to sleep, so I tried not to complain about losing my King Sized Bed. I heard Mommy complain about how she had passed on her "Princess and the Pea" gene to me....I don't think that is a problem, as long as I have a comfortable mattress, and there are no peas under it. Little J also escaped his room (no toddler proof door knob covers) and came into visit Mom and Dad at about 3. Mom and Dad didn't sleep too well.

Speaking of Peas! Look what Mommy let me eat, she didn't puree them or anything! That means I am big. I got about 75% of them in my mouth on the first try too. I was excited about that until those peas interrupted my sleep on Sunday night. Daddy saved me this time, he changed my diaper (peas really don't like me) and held me until I was calm again. I have a nice Daddy. I hope he had a good Father's Day because he is my Favorite Father EVER!

So, on Monday morning we packed up all our stuff and came home. We did get to stop at Arctic Circle for some shakes, Mommy let me have some of her shake because I am such a good boy. Someday I want to be as good as J because he got to have his own cone. It was a fun trip, I wouldn't mind going back there someday, anyone want to go to Swiss Days? I am guessing there will be Yodeling!

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