Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Winter Blah's

It happens several times a year, not just during winter time. I call it the Blah's. It is those wonderful times of the year that I really really really don't like to clean. We have been suffering through the Blah's for about a week and a half. I have been trying, half hearted, to work up the desire to clean, but as of yet I have not done it.

I am trying again today. I put the baby down on a blanket in the kitchen, he could use some tummy time. I did the dishes. It took longer than the baby would have liked so after I got the dishwasher chugging away I picked up the baby and sat down with him for a few minutes before nap time. J had been doing his best to undo all my work. While I loaded the dishwasher, he was unloading the clean utensils. It could have been worse I thought so I let him keep playing.

As I sat with the baby, J was in the kitchen, I should have noticed that the clinking of utensils had stopped. Then J came around the corner and presented me with this "Cake".
Yes, a wonderful cake, made from globs of shortening, served up on a Frisbee. I thanked him for his cake and took it from him. Then I quickly swaddled the baby and put him in the crib for a nap. As I brought the first cake into the kitchen I found J making a second one, this time on a blue Frisbee. YEAH! My boy loves to cook!

Now I have to get back to cleaning, I know I will appreciate the beautiful cleanliness once it is done. But for now, I am struggling through the Blah's.


Kristen said...

That expression is saying "presented with love."

mj4toty said...

I am impressed that you are dealing with a week of the blah's--my blah's tend to last for months at a time. Perhaps I have never surfaced from the blah's...=) I was telling Nic tonight that my life is like one of those math problems: If mom can clean up at the rate of 5 mph and Sam can make a mess at the rate of 20 mph, how long will it take mom to clean the house?