Monday, February 28, 2011

I did it MY WAY!

I think "My Way" may be Baby B's theme song. He is similar to his brother, I mean he is a boy......he has eczema.....he has eyes. He is similar in the fact that he gets ear infections and he will also have a urological surgery BUT he has do things just a little differently from J. Here is how he is different.
Ear infections, J had a few ear infections in the 2 years of his life, he would wake up in the middle of the night or from a nap SCREAMING and we would realize that he had a SCORCHING fever. It didn't take long for us to recognize that when these two things happened, J had an ear infection. But baby B is different. He whines and fusses and wants to be held, if you don't hold him in time he will Scream bloody murder but with proper attention he will eventually calm down. He gets a low grade fever 99.6, maybe 100.1. Then his right eardrum bursts and gross stuff comes out, this all happens within a couple of hours. SUPER FAST! This happened the first week of January, then 6 weeks later, then 13 days after that. Poor Kid. I spent 2 hours waiting at the Kids Care yesterday for the doctor to tell me what I already knew, that his right eardrum had burst, this time he got antibiotics AND antibiotic ear drops. I was told to take him in to see his pediatrician in 10-15 days, but I am going to call the pediatrician and ask if I should take B to an ENT in 10-15 days instead. (I have a feeling baby B inherited his tendency towards burst eardrums from me, and because of that I would just like to say, I LOVE YOU MOMMY! Thank you for loving me and taking care of me when I was so little.) I feel so bad for my Baby B and I want to hold him and make him feel better all the time.

Now- and Update about how Baby B is different from J Surgically! I know you have all be waiting with baited breath to find out how our trip to the Urologist went. Well, Dr Cartwright remembered us. He actually walked in with both Baby B and J's charts and after the Hello's and other pleasantries he said "So you are the family that caused all the excitement a couple of years ago" and I said Yes. It was a very quick very nice visit with the doctor. He took a look at Baby B and explained to me that B has Megameatus which is the least severe type of hypospadias. (I then quipped that I am getting better at making little boy parts, the doctor chuckled and told me "Yes, Yes you are!") He said that we will most likely want to have it fixed and that it could be fixed surgically. He explained that the Meatus is the name of the opening of the Urethra, I didn't know that. Then he told me something I did know, Mega means Big. The main problem with Megameatus is this, think of a garden hose, when you turn on the water a nice stream comes out of the end of your garden hose, BUT if you put your thumb over the end of the hose and turn the opening from a circle to more of a wide slit suddenly you have a fan like spray......this spray is most likely what will happen when Baby B urinates. SO, for their Mother's sanity, most boys with Megameatus have surgery prior to being potty trained. Ta Da! I think I explained that pretty well! I questioned whether the fact that he has been circumcised would be a problem and Dr. Cartwright assured me that he could easily reform the meatus without the need for extra tissue- Hooray! He also told me that the circumcision was a little uneven and he would correct that too. I hadn't noticed anything but I am not a urologist. Then Dr. Cartwright asked me if I planned on having Baby B tested for Von Willebrand's and I said no....I mean Yes, of course, I assured him that we would have that taken care of long before the surgery so that we could take the appropriate action to prevent the type of "Excitement" we all experienced with J. The Doctor appreciated that.

So, Baby B will most likely get tubes in his ears this year, and then have the Urological surgery next January. I feel pretty comfortable with this, we didn't expect it so we didn't prepare for it financially, but everything will work out.

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Andrea said...

Have you thought about doing B's surgery this year instead of January? Deductible issues might make it more affordable... Something to think about.