Monday, February 21, 2011

Breakity- Rockity-Run!

This morning we got up bright and early and participated in the Breakity-Rockity-Run, then we ate Green Eggs and Ham. It was fun, Cold, but fun.
Ken had to work, so the boys came down with me and enjoyed a 3.1 mile ride in the stroller while I ran. It is the first time I have run outside since Thanksgiving and I was a little slower than my pace on the treadmill, but I am still pretty proud. I ran the entire 5k, I think that they told me my time was 40 Min and 30 something seconds.
I can't believe that we didn't get any pictures of all of us before or after the run, but here is what we looked like right after we got home.

I really enjoy running, who would have ever thought I would say that, not me! But I do. My next race will be on April 30th. The Hope for Sara 5k which I am going to run twice so that I can get my 10k in (it is my goal to run a 10k in April and I think this race has the best purpose). Come run with me, I am pretty sure I will be pushing the boys during this race as well, but I still have high hopes to increase my speed, by the end of April it should be warm enough to train outside. I have this theory that the first few times you run outside after training on a treadmill, you run a little slower because the ground doesn't force you to keep running at a certain speed like a treadmill does.

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Sarah said...

Wow, you're amazing! Thank you for supporting us~ You have such a beautiful family. xoxo