Friday, February 18, 2011

Growing Up

Yesterday Baby B was in the swing and J was playing with some of B's toys and reading some books. I asked J if he would give his brother the baby toys so that he could play with them while J read books. I looked over a couple of minutes later and found this. That is right, J figured B would rather read the books. I can't read minds, but I wish I knew the thought that goes along with Baby B's expression. Probably something like this "Um, yeah, give me the monkey!"
Well, Baby B has outgrown his infant carrier, does that mean he is not an infant anymore? Today I switched the carrier for the convertible car seat. J was super excited because the carrier was not in the middle of the car, but the new car seat is, so he can touch and help is brother all he he thinks.
I explained the rules of "sitting next to brother" several times. 1. don't touch your brothers eyes or put your fingers in his mouth. 2. Don't feed bother. 3. Don't poke brother and make him cry. 4. Don't wake brother up if he is sleeping. "Otay Mom" was the reply. Baby B wasn't so sure that J truly understood the rules, but he was willing to give it a try.
It was about 10 minutes into our drive that I first heard "Baby, Up, Baby! No Sleep!" But Baby B is apparently really good at sleeping through someone yelling at him because this is what I found when we got to our destination.
My boys are growing up and growing big. I love them so much, I haven't figured out how to place baby B's mirror in the car, so for now I can't see him anymore which kind of makes me sad. But time flies and in 6 more months he will flip around and I will get to see his sweet face in the car again.

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