Saturday, February 5, 2011

6 Months!

My sweet Baby B is now 6 months old. He is such a wonderful baby and he does things his way, my two boys are very different from each other but they are similar in that I love them both very much.

Baby B doesn't enjoy tummy time very much.
He rolls from back to front if you can catch him at a time that he is willing to lay on the floor for more than a minute or two.
He is very, very, very friendly, willing to share his smile with EVERYONE.
He has rolls on his rolls.
He, like his brother, has eczema and is now on what we like to call "Cuteness Enhancing Drugs".
He loves to eat, loves to be held, loves to be cuddled and tickled and loves to have conversations.
If you swaddle him, he will sleep.
If he cries in the middle of the night, it is probably because he wiggled so much that the swaddled blankets are now wrapped, exclusively, around his head.
Because his mother is a wimp, baby b still sleeps in the portacrib at night. He has the basement guest room all to himself. Someday soon his mommy will work up the courage to put him into the same room as his brother J at night....pray for his Mommy.

He is starting to get a sleep schedule going too- which I, his Mommy, am very happy with. If we put him down between 6 and 7 pm, he will sleep well until we wake him for a quick feeding before we go to bed. The then returns to sleep and sleeps for the rest of the night (most nights). We top him off because we have found that if we don't feed him before we go to bed, he wakes up on his own at about 3 AM, and his Doctor and I agree that it is better for a happy parent to feed him at 10 PM than a frazzled parent to feed him at 3 AM. He is also starting to take 2 pretty regular daytime naps as well. What a good boy he his.

Some Baby B Stats-
Weight- 21 lbs 5 oz- 96th percentile
Height- 28 1/4 inches- 95th percentile
Head- 17.75 inches- 85th percentile
He is my Big Big Baby. My Gentle Giant.
And here is J at 6 months, they look a little more alike then I thought they did. Well, It probably has to do with the fact the neither of them have much hair at this age, and that they smile a lot.


Kristen said...

Great job on the sleep schedule!

I honestly have never known a 6-month-old who still likes to be swaddled. That is AWESOME. I love swaddling my little ones. It never lasts long enough.

Jonathan was that huge. I love big babies.

Andrea said...

When swaddling bigger babies, Velcro is your friend. Let me know if you want a picture of what I made for Megan. It was easy, and she actually sleeps. :)