Friday, February 25, 2011

Primary Children's Medical Center


See these sweet babies?
Both of them have been to Primary Children's. J has been seen by Dermatologists, Urologists and Hematologists. He has been a surgical patient and spent a couple of days in the Rapid Treatment Unit there at the hospital. Baby B just had his first visit at the Urology office at the hospital, next January he will have his surgery and because we know of the possibility of him having a blood disorder just like his brother, prior to that surgery we will take him to the Hematology department to have him tested.
(This is J in the Rapid Treatment Unit)
This Hospital is amazing. They give loving care to their patients and wonderful support to the parents and loved ones of their patients. They treat everyone who needs treatment for childhood ailments, and they do it without regard for the patients ability to pay. Last year they gave over $14,000,000.00 in free care. One of the reasons they can do this is because of the Radiothon and Telethon that raise money each year. Last year's radiothon raised a little less than $450,000, lets make this years even better.

Here is an example of the care we received - after J's surgery his oxygen levels dropped. It SCARED me. It was late, we were not rushed out the door and told our baby would be fine. The nurses paid special attention to not only our little boy but also to us, the frightened parents. We did get to go home a couple hours later than expected, but WE knew our baby was okay and WE had been cared for.

Think about the people and children you love, I am betting that one of more of them has received care from Primary Children's Hospital or another wonderful children's hospital. If you can, give your support, if you can't give, encourage others to give. Share the love and the care.

Donations can be made by calling 801-575-5437 or 1-800-762-7262. The Telethon ends today Feb 25th at 6 pm mountain time.

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Jennifer Hatch said...

Michaela has stayed at Primary Childrens before, and they did a wonderful job with her. I also had a niece born 2.5 months premature who stayed for for months, had many surgeries, and was treated with the best care a baby can get. I love that hospital and am grateful we live near it!