Monday, January 31, 2011


He started with cereal at 4 months old. It seemed to me that he wasn't ready for solids at the time, because he was pushing the food out of his mouth. His tongue was moving more like it does when he drinks from his bottle and then it hit me, we thicken his formula with rice cereal so if it tastes the same to him why wouldn't he try to eat it the same way. So we tried Oatmeal, and Boy, Oh Boy was he ready! So we moved on to veggies, Green Beans, Carrots, Squash, Peas. He learned to love them all.

And today, he discovered Fruit. His first fruit- Pears. It was paired with Oatmeal. He loved it. Here he is lunging at the spoon.
And here is what he looked like as he waited for the next bite to get close enough to lunge for.
He was definitely a happy boy. Maybe in a few more days he will get to try something else. Bananas maybe! (well that is if I can keep J from eating all the bananas.)

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