Monday, January 24, 2011


I am making file folder games for J, it is taking me a while. I am almost done with the very first one- Mitten Match. I colored all the mittens (well, I didn't color the white one) then I cut them out and glued them to corresponding colored construction paper and then trimmed around the edges. There are two gloves of each color, one of them has the color written on it.
I glued the blank gloves to the file folder then I covered the file folder in contact paper- front and back- and trimmed the edges. Then I covered the gloves with the color names on them in contact paper and trimmed their edges as well. Each glove has a small circle of Velcro and J and I both had fun matching the mittens. There is also a little pocket on the back where the loose mittens can be stored. I am pretty happy with this game, I am excited to make more of them.
I have also been making baby food. It started because I was out of baby food but I did have a butternut squash. So I cooked it and tossed it into the blender and it magically turned into baby food, really yummy baby food that Baby B LOVED. I took a look around the freezer and found some more frozen vegetables, so for the last week Baby B has also been feasting on Carrots and Green Beans. And he he doesn't know it yet but he will soon try some Peas- He will LOVE Peas too.
I froze the pureed vegetables in some ice cube trays that a super nice neighbor gave me. Each morning I take out 3 cubes for each of the babies meals, by the time he is ready to eat they are usually perfectly defrosted.
And here he is, my sweet little solid food eater. Sure, he doesn't look super happy here, but believe me, he LOVES his food.
I know he loves food on a spoon because anytime he sees a spoon now, he opens his mouth. My favorite moment from the last week came when he saw me holding a pretty big serving spoon and assumed that he would soon be eating. Sweet baby!


Rachel said...

Where did you find the file folder games? I've been on the prowl for some good ones.

Andrea said...

You're actually not supposed to do your own baby food carrots -- they're likely to have too many nitrates for babies' systems. Everything else is great. Good for you!!

lea said...

hi! just passing through.

loved your idea of making my own baby food for my son. thanks for the tips!

emily said...

I can't believe he is old enough to be eating solids!!! Time flies... holy cow!