Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun with Potties, Puppies and Underpants

We went to Ikea on Saturday and picked up 2 potty chairs. I wanted one for upstairs and one for downstairs so that I wasn't constantly trying to remember where the potty chair was. I figured we would buy two of the same color, but when J made the choice, he chose one of each. So now we have one RED and one Green Potty.

I am really glad I checked out "Potty Training Boys the Easy Way" from the library. It has given me some good information and ideas AND now I have a plan. We are having 1 hour potty training sessions. Yesterdays session was pretty amazing. Today's is going great too. The sessions start with a question. "Do you want to wear your big boy underpants for a while?" If the answer is NO we say, "Okay, maybe Tomorrow." If the answer is a blank stare then ask a follow up question, "Do you want to sit on your potty today?" or "Do you want to take off your diaper for a while?" Then you potty train for about an hour.

Today there was a blank stare and then a request to put a diaper on the "Baby Dog" Scout. I asked if Scout wanted to put on some underpants, and the answer was a resounding Yes! Pretty soon I noticed that "Baby Dog" was sitting on one of the potties and so I asked if J wanted to also sit on the potty. YES! He earned 3 stickers! One for sitting on the potty, one for going #1 in the potty and one for wearing underpants.
He sat on the potty for 20 minutes, using the extending swiffer to get toys and other items that were within reach. "Baby Dog" ate breakfast while on the potty.
After they were done with the potty chairs they both put on matching underpants! YEAH J!
About 10 minutes later J had an accident. It was very confusing to him. After we got everything cleaned up he started walking toward a diaper that he had gotten out for baby Dog. I thought he was going to ask for the diaper to be put on, but to my surprise he picked up the book "Danny is done with diapers" the first page says "A is for Accident. Adam had an Accident. It's alright, Adam" I asked if he, J, had had an accident today, "'s Okay". Better luck next time. Oh, and before we read the book (3 times) we put on dry underpants. After the hour was over I asked if he wanted to put his diaper back on, he said No.

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Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story!

Wishing J all the best on his potty-learning journey. :)