Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rollin' with my Homies

"Time moves on wings of lightning; We can not call it back."-Robert B. Baird-
And WOW, this week has flown by! Here are some pictures of Christmas. Baby B wasn't so impressed with all the presents that magically appeared under the tree overnight, but J sure was!
Here are my boys wearing their new Giants gear. Scarfs (or Scarves?) for every boy, a brand new hat for J, a hand-me-down hat for baby b and new fleece socks for Ken. Also pictured- Baby B's Blankey! Isn't it Cute. Cream may not be the best color for a little boys blanket but the Lion looked best against the cream.
This was the year of Ball's for J. He got a Basketball, a Football and a baseball and glove! He can say basketball and football, but so far I have only heard him call the baseball a "Happy Ball". He likes to play with all his balls, right now playing consists of sitting on the floor with Mom or Dad and rolling or lobing a ball back and forth- unless Baby B is nearby then playing means throwing balls at the Babies head.
Other than Ken being home on Monday, this week was not amazingly special- just your average week. I managed to avoid cleaning- which I should not have done, I really need to clean- but I did manage to come up with a few more projects for myself. I am really excited about them. I am going to make some File Folder Games for the boys, hopefully they will help keep J occupied on Sunday Mornings, WHILE helping him to learn Colors, Letters, Numbers and Matching! YEAH! I also discovered my new favorite place- it is called "Copy That" (formerly McKinney's Copy and Laminating) If you are a Primary Chorister and live reasonably close to American Fork- Check them out- they are right next to Seagull book! Why do I love "Copy That" well for Years and Years and Years they have been putting together Church Art that goes along with Primary Songs. We are teaching 10 new songs next year and thanks to "Copy That" we are ready to teach 6 of them!!!!

Now, let me tell you about my littlest Homey. Baby B did something AMAZING yesterday. He rolled over. I didn't see it happen. I had him in the Kitchen with me as I attempted to clean and make lunch. I left for a minute and when I came back he was on his stomach! I flipped him back onto his back and within a few minutes he showed me exactly how he got to his stomach. (after-which I flipped him over and he rolled over again and I flipped him over...he eventually told me he didn't appreciate my meddling.) The cutest part of his rolling is how much he arches his back while he is in the process of rolling. Here is a picture of it. OK, maybe not the best picture but believe me, there was a point that I thought his little feet were going to touch his head. SUCH A TALENTED BOY!
P.S. I weighed him this morning. 19.4 pounds!


Hearing Aids said...

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Susan said...

Looks like someone's a sports fan! LOL. I love the matching pjs the two little ones are wearing.